doodly doodling doodles

my current blackberry wallpaper! ♥

can’t remember when i drew this but yea, i just realised it makes a pretty wallpaper. my moleskine is full of random doodles, i doodle when i’m bored, i write chunks of “philosophical” nonsense when i’m feeling emo… but anyhoos, feel free to download and use it on your phone. pretty things are meant to be shared, right? :)

time is flying by so quickly these days… maybe cos i’ve been busy with media events this week.. partied when i said i wouldn’t party.. which explains why i’m home on a friday night. (okay technically already saturday morning) and i’m being miss goody two shoes! …like i said earlier in the week,

when clubbing threatens to render you unproductive, a choice has to be made.

for me right now, the parties have to take the back seat. have a fantastic weekend ya’ll! ♥

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