…i’m such a person.

if i see something i really really want, but can’t get it at that point, i will find a way to get it by hook or by crook.

so, we were at Butter last week and i saw this group of people with awesome animal hats, and then i spotted a panda one! i didn’t know that bunch so it’d be weird if i asked them, plus they were kinda… drunk, i think. so i told ben, but he was too busy to bother about my “i want that panda hat!”

so the next day i started looking for it online…. and guess what? my efforts paid off and i found the exact same one online! already ordered and paid for. i’m having it shipped to Audrey in CA tho cos shipping directly to singapore is gonna kill me.


ben wants to kill me for shopping so much too, but he did say “i’ll find it and buy for you, k?”

so…. hahaha he can’t kill me this time! …why would he anyway? the panda is soooo adorable! :P

on a seperate note, is anyone interested in purchasing BENEFIT COSMETICS? i’m ordering in from the USA cos it’s way cheaper than getting it in stores here. for example, CORALISTA, which is a cheek color retails for S$58 here and guess how much it is online?

USD$28 = S$39 (as of now)

see, singapore stores are ripping us off! it’s $19 more to get it instores here than online! it’s insane! for those who never knew about the price difference, well, now you do!

i’m gonna be ordering my stuff by this week so if anyone is interested, please leave a comment or email me with the items you want to get.

i’m gonna go back to abit more sewing now! the SPRING 2010 collection is looking pretty darn fab!

one more day to the weekend!

Bamboo or Bamboo Fun?

i’ve long wanted a writing tablet… i really really would love a writing tablet.

i want to be able to draw whatever i want digitally and not scribble on paper and lose them within a day…

and ever since Neng showed me how useful a writing tablet is in digital imaging,  I JUST GOTTA HAVE A WRITING TABLET!

will someone buy me a writing tablet, PLEASE?

Picture 3

to be honest i’m leaning more towards bamboo fun… it sounds more fun?


how’s that for a choice justification?

Picture 7

who’s for bamboo and who’s for FUN? hmmmmm?

Vintage Living

i’ve been randomly surfin the web lately… and finds like these are my favourite! i’m a sucker for vintage anything… altho how my room is done up now doesn’t reflect my love for vintage at all… but then again, i don’t really have the liberty of turning the whole house vintage, and having just one vintage room would be totally odd…

so i’ll have to deal with just admiring photos for now!


notice the disco ball in the centre of the room… it’s so disco and yet the rest of the room is so chic and sophisticated!


i could deal with a sleeping in such a bedroom… in fact, it’s very me… who said chandeliers are only for the halls or living room spaces? they add that element of romance to a bedroom i reckon. throw in the dimming function!


here’s another bedroom i like. very very much… it must be the pillows… i love pillows! i have like (hang on let me count) 4 pillows plus a really long one, totally 5 on my tiny super single bed!

i also love how the white in the room doesn’t come off as boring… the earthy, neutral tones are also very comforting… if only i have a room this big.

and now for some randoms…


….how can you not love vintage?

ff ♥'s you, we ♥ fredflare too!




i so love this watch! it tells me the time in japanese!

i even took a video… it’s so cute, it’s my new muse! : )

and now for more yummy yummies!


♥ my yummy candy lippies!


from left : po, tommy, larlar

have you ever seen stuffed toys that look this cool?


and with that, i declare myself a full-fledged panda fan :)


my next camera… the CANON Powershot E1?


i can’t seem to remember how long i’ve had the current camera… which is a CASIO… but considering i got it just before my last trip to sydney in 2006, it should only be about 3 years old! and it’s totally messed up already!

it’s like an overnight malfunction. i’m happily snapping away and when i put it aside for awhile and pick it up again to snap, there are freaking annoying lines!

not the first time!

i’ve wasted enough time and money on CASIO repairs… and trust me, they take forever to do it too… so, i’ve made a decision, i’m never ever buying CASIO again!


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