the want, the must have.

freshwaterpearlring1i just found this beyond amazingly classic ring online. if ben doesn’t buy me one i’m getting it for myself! it’s a sterling silver hand-hammered ring, topped with a tiny fresh water pearl. they list it as an engagement ring, but ahhhh i still want it!

perfect for a non fussy girl like me! i love classic pieces like this!

no diamonds involved!

flower girl

you know how all these flower head bands are just SO HOT right now? especially with ruffled tops and dresses being the thing to be seen in, these floral head pieces add that amazing romantic, vintage, girly appeal!

i saw this online and was so tempted to buy it! it costs like USD$25 excluding shipping! if i add in shipping it’d be like USD$30 at least, which would work out to about SGD$50? i wouldn’t pay that much for a head band!!!


so… i made my own!

…and i’m thinking of selling them on the website too. at a much more affordable price of course! : )


it looks pretty much the same right?


anyway, it’s alive!

my electronic pet. the battery has been dead for yearsssss! and i think i only paid $3 for this one… it was from of those vending machines.. you know? you put in coins and turn the thing and something comes out? hahahaha


i have an electronic pet! i feel like such a kid… and ben’s going to THE PRODIGY tomorrow so i have the entire day to myself to wreck havoc however i please. hahahah! :P


i’m feeding my overflowing wardrobe

ruffles are it!

SEE, i love it so much i spent a good while making the photo prettier for the blog.

you can buy this ruffle top and the dress below from

if you need help getting this cos you don’t have a paypal account,

drop me an email at


Shanna Gold + Cream Dress

the moment i saw this dress, i fell in love with it.

so i am definitely getting this! it’s so classy-vintage! i like! :)

kiddy treasure!

the other day i was going through boxes of my old stuff and look what i found!


my casio magic diary and a virtual pet! it’s not a tamagotchi, but it works the same way… but the battery is dead, i wonder if it’ll work if i replace the batteries! hmmmmm

‘m also getting addicted to doodling all over my photos… i need a drawing pad for my mac!!!

tamagotchi music stars


look what Bandai has come up with now?

Tamagotchi Music Stars…

i might just need one to keep me very occupied.

i remember when i was much younger, i was so desperate to get one but my parents won’t let me cos i won’t study if i had it… so i went and got one on my own and wrapped it up during christmas and put it under the tree saying it was a gift. heyyy you can’t reject gifts right??? so i opened it and went “ohhhmygoooooooodddddddd” – duh i already knew what it was.

but it still got confiscated in the end :(



why do they have to come up with such adorable stuff that turns me into a shoppaholic devil? i’m still resisting this one… the sweater costs US$75! and that doesn’t even include the shipping costs… eeeeks.


i’m also eyeing this one on ConversationPcs! such a darling of a dress!

meanwhile, these are from fredflare too… UBER CUTE!



big in japan! fuwa fuwa mousse paper clay

fuwamoussei so so so want this! but ben is ever-ready to kill me for not being able to stop shopping! i’m like a little kid i know. i get excited with small things, miniatures and anything cute!

i’ve actually been banned from shopping for the whole of january! but this is uber cute, no? besides, buying this means i can make more pretty things for sale! you girls are gonna love it!

okayssss i’ve got a photoshoot with Neng and gang at 10am tomorrow for The Little Red Dress Competition!

goodnight people! : )

Ralph Rocks

upbeat top notes of citrus energy infused with sparkling passion fruit and fresh kiwi

free spirited mid notes of dewy freesia, hyacinth, orange blosson and whipped milk accord.

rebellious base notes of vintage woods, australian sandalwood and radiant amber crystals.

i’ve been using the classic Ralph Lauren for years, but this is definitely going to be joining my collection very soon!

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