flower girl

you know how all these flower head bands are just SO HOT right now? especially with ruffled tops and dresses being the thing to be seen in, these floral head pieces add that amazing romantic, vintage, girly appeal!

i saw this online and was so tempted to buy it! it costs like USD$25 excluding shipping! if i add in shipping it’d be like USD$30 at least, which would work out to about SGD$50? i wouldn’t pay that much for a head band!!!


so… i made my own!

…and i’m thinking of selling them on the website too. at a much more affordable price of course! : )


it looks pretty much the same right?


anyway, it’s alive!

my electronic pet. the battery has been dead for yearsssss! and i think i only paid $3 for this one… it was from of those vending machines.. you know? you put in coins and turn the thing and something comes out? hahahaha


i have an electronic pet! i feel like such a kid… and ben’s going to THE PRODIGY tomorrow so i have the entire day to myself to wreck havoc however i please. hahahah! :P


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