Are Crochet Toys Safe For Kids?

Crocheted toys make great gifts for kids of all ages, but are they really safe?

Here are 4 things you need to consider when buying a crocheted toy or if you are planning to make a crochet toy that will be safe for kids.

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Kids, especially babies tend to have sensitive skin and wool can cause them to feel “itchy”. If you’re looking for a crocheted doll or blanket for a child, go for products that are made with cotton, bamboo or acrylic blend yarns, these are soft and are less likely to irritate or scratch a baby’s sensitive skin. Wool yarns contains animal fibers which can cause allergies and have a tendency to pile over time.

Kids will be kids and kids will make a mess. That said, make sure the product you are purchasing is washable so you don’t have to resort to throwing it out if your kid gets apple sauce all over their new toy. Cotton and acrylic yarns are generally easy to just throw into the machine for a quick spin whereas other yarns may require dry cleaning or hand washing so make sure to read the label to make sure it is washable.

Most products use “safety eyes” but to be honest, safety eyes are not 100% safe and with enough force can still come apart. The ones held together by a plastic backing on the inside (pictured above right) can loosen over time especially if your kid starts biting or chewing the toy. The ones that are sewn on (pictured above left) are a better option as it is incorporated into the pattern as the doll is crocheted and therefore will not detach from the doll since it is basically stitched into the pattern.

So why aren’t they used if they are a safer option?

You need to know exactly when to add them, and once you add them you won’t be able to change it’s position; unless you unpick all your stitches until you get to where the eye was attached. No one enjoys doing that.

To be safe, when choosing a crocheted toy for kids, it is best to look for products that have embroidered features instead of plastic safety eyes. You can check with the seller if the safety eyes are sewn on or held together with the backing, if it’s sewn on, good. Some sellers may be willing to replace the safety eyes with embroidered features upon request so do check if the product you are interested in comes originally with safety eyes.

Embroided eye details and no detachables on this one!

Doll accessories, pom poms, beaded necklaces on toys are cute, until your kid decides to remove it and eat it. Kids put everything into their little mouths so you want to make sure that the doll does not have small removable parts or accessories that could pose as a potential choking hazard. They love pulling, stretching, biting everything that lands in their hands, what if they stretch a bead bracelet and the elastic snaps? The beads will come loose and if they’re not under adult supervision, the loose beads are going to pose a high choke risk.

Be sure to check that everything is securely attached to the doll and doesn’t come off too easily, or make sure all removable parts are big enough to not fit in one of those curious little mouths.

There! You are now well equipped to make smart choices when it comes to crochet toys for kids.

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