A Gastronomical Backlog

When Robin and I spend time together, it almost always means we’re cooking up something in the kitchen. Weekends, especially. Going through my photos from the past month or two, it is evident that I survive pretty much on bacon, eggs and bread or similar spreads.


“Brinner” = Brunch + Dinner.

Scrambled eggs topped with sautéed tomatoes, bacon and cheese on a toasted english muffin.



Omelette with tomatoes and bacon. Robin battled jet lag from his flight back from Germany to whip this up for me in the morning, I’m the luckiest girl in the world. ♥


How do YOU like your eggs?

Left, how I cook my eggs. Right, how Robin cooks his eggs.
Unless it’s a poached egg with smoked salmon and hollandaise, scrambled please. Although I occasionally do throw a sunny side up (with half cooked yolk) into a Spam sandwich…


Fluffy scrambled eggs any day for me.


Lazy dinner.

A cold platter spread with meat that Robin flew back from Germany, yes even the bread. Absolutely no cooking involved, just a little cutting and tossing the bread into the oven.



Robin’s favourite Blueberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes. We took a batch of these to a bbq and they were quite a hit. If you missed my previous post with the recipe for these incredibly yummy cupcakes, here it is :

Blueberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes Recipe

Most of these photos were taken on SaVeri‘s concrete table. If you’re reading this post from Germany and have some time to spare, check out spoga gafa 2014!


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Eat my heart.


Honey pancakes with buttered bananas and strawberries.

Made a beeline for the kitchen last week during the public holiday, and realised how much I miss whipping up yummies from time to time. This time I added about three teaspoons of HONEYSPREE‘s Creamy Clover Honey to my pancake batter for a slight hint of natural sweetness. I really love the fact that they are adorably heart-shaped, you can get the pancake mold from Daiso! Pretty sure it works with eggs too, although I have yet to try that.

If you missed my previous pancake post containing the recipe I used, >>> ♥ READ IT HERE ♥ <<<

Sometimes following recipe measurements isn’t enough to make it good, the right amount of milk so they don’t spread too thin, the quality of the flour and eggs can determine the taste… How much butter to use so it doesn’t stick to the pan and yet not turn out too greasy, and then you still have to know when to flip it so it doesn’t burn. It’s much like everything else in life, making pancakes; it takes practice to get it right. But when you put a few things together correctly, with the right treatment, in the right amounts, you’ll always get something good that will be well worth the effort. :)

Have a great week ahead! xx

Why Men shouldn’t get the groceries…

Last friday we went grocery shopping to whip up some dinner, the original plan was pasta but I kinda had the pizza munchies so I asked to get pizza instead. Somehow this “foreign” brand caught Robin’s eye and since he was so insistent on trying it cos he said it was a PEPPERONI PIZZA, I didn’t really take much notice of what he was buying and picked out my own hawaiian that costed half the price of his Pepperoni.

We got home, he opened the box, put the pizza in the oven. No suspicions. The pizza came out of the oven looking like this…

This was the first time since he put it in the shopping basket that I actually saw what he bought. First impression? UH. Dodgy. Robin took a bite into it and his face changed while I was just dumbfounded. I didn’t know what kind of pepperoni I was looking at… No surprise, he couldn’t stomach it, so I decided to give it a taste. My first question? “Is this tofu?”

I asked him to show me the box, which was actually already in the trash… And guess what this pepperoni pizza really was?


Tofurky, sounds questionable enough, right? Non-dairy cheese that really melts? Uhmmmm. WHAT? That pizza on the box doesn’t even look like a pizza to me. I still don’t understand how he bought a vegan pizza with VEGAN screaming right at him.

And that’s why I question if men should run grocery trips without us… Robin can cook, that’s a given, but I’m going to be checking everything before paying out from now on. Just in case.

PS : The pizza was meatless, yes. Delicious? Hell no. No offense to vegans but honestly, I don’t know how you guys eat stuff like this.

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great easter holiday! We got down to some baking again over the weekend! I baked two cakes on Saturday, must have been out of my mind, I was so tired after that. >_<

I usually prefer cupcakes/muffins over cakes cos they’re easier to share but I didn’t bring the cupcake tray back to Robin’s place so we had to settle for cakes! The second one turned out amazing! I iced it with cream cheese frosting, a thick layer of blueberry jam & topped it with tons of fresh blackberries & raspberries.

We shared this with friends yesterday evening at a little home cooked easter dinner. :)

And…… Guess who’s being a cutie today?

I’m doing some catching up with work, so look out for more new additions in store this week! xx

my choux pastry ♥

Spent more time in the kitchen with Robin on Valentine’s! This time we made these profiteroles, recipe from Anne Burrell. It’s the first time either of us has tried making pastry, it turned out way better than we imagined! They were perfectly airy inside…

We had ours with french vanilla ice cream and Nutella sauce. Super yummmmmmy! You can also fill it with other stuff like custard, somewhat like the usual cream puff.  I’m guessing the possibilities are endless. xx

The Experimental Salad

So, what exactly went into this experimental salad?

  • Baby butterhead lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Japanese cucumber, skinned & sliced (Zucchini)
  • Porcini mushrooms, lightly cooked in olive oil
  • Smoked duck, sliced
  • Mangoes, diced
  • Home made croutons
  • Plum sauce
  • Ceres Whispers of Summer fruit juice

No recipes, no precise measurements, just purely experimental. It turned out pretty good even though we didn’t manage to find the right kind of plum sauce we had in mind. We made the croutons with baguettes this time and they were really yummy! xx

Culinary Crash Course!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, what happens when your boyfriend falls sick and you are naturally obliged to take on nanny duties?

Answer : A culinary crash course.

Chicken noodle soup with french onions, celery & carrot

Whatever it is you are down with, this is sure to perk you right up! I am not usually a big fan of celery but if you cook them long enough they actually are pretty nice.

Chicken porridge with century egg

Well, I was the only one who had the century egg anyway, Robin was too disgusted by the sight of it to even come close to trying it. This actually turned out pretty well for a first try. We had seconds on Sunday!

So, getting sick isn’t all that bad when you get something out of it. I learnt that my “chinese cooking” isn’t all that hopeless, and Robin got a personal nurse for like 3-4 days. How’s that for a deal? I’m just really glad he’s better now, his rapidly fluctuating fever really kept me on my tippy toes……

I figure most people might think, why bother? Just buy porridge from the food court or something, right? But I’ve always believed that home-cooked is always the best. There’s a magical ingredient that doesn’t come in the food you buy…. Love.

Looks like the flu bug is going around too, so load up on those vitamins, drown yourself in water and stay out of this crazy Singapore heat! xx

Diced Tomatoes & Baguettes

If you read my blog last week, this might look familiar! I’ve received requests for the recipe of this very yummy dish, and here it is! Courtesy of the boyfriend.

1. Dice tomatoes, depending on how chunky you like your bites, if you prefer slices I reckon that would work too.

2. In a bowl, lightly toss diced tomatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil. We don’t use exact measurements so just taste as you go. You can also add in dried basil leaves. They sell these in bottles in the supermarket. (Optional)

3. Slice baguettes about 1.5-2cm thick.

4. In a pan on low heat, melt butter, then add the baguette slices, making sure the surface is covered with the melted butter. Do not let it burn! Do the same for the other side.

5. Spread a garlic & cheese spread on the pan-fried baguettes after they have cooled off abit. Pan-frying the baguettes actually keeps them crisp longer and adds to the flavour! (Think croutons!) We used Philadelphia’s Cream Cheese Light Garlic & Herb spread.

6. Dish up a spoonful of tomatoes and top the baguettes. Garnish with freshly chopped basil leaves. (Optional)

Enjoy! xx

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