Weekend DIY : Cold Shoulder Tee

Some call it a cut-out shoulder, some call it a cold shoulder, whatever it is, this look is practically EVERYWHERE right now. Dresses, tops, sweaters. Which makes me wonder, if you wear a cold shoulder sweater, doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of wearing a sweater in the first place? Just saying.

I didn’t work on a DIY project myself this weekend so here’s a very easy DIY idea from Love Aesthetics!


All you need is a fitting tee that you don’t mind cutting up. Decide how large you want your cut out to be and cut away!


And done! The thing with using tees is that you probably won’t have to hem it, most tee shirt materials are very “forgiving” in that sense, they hardly fray.


You don’t have to stick to fitted tees though, you could probably try this on slouchy sweat shirts, skater dresses, denim shirts (yes! denim shirts sounds fab!) Just get creative!

Anyone trying this anytime soon? :)

Weekend DIY : Marc Jacobs-inspired Dog Bag!


Have you seen the new Marc Jacobs iPhone cases? They are springing up everywhere! Why don’t they make these for Samsung phones? *sulks


Anyway, last weekend I decided to DIY my own dose of cute and I thought I’d share a quick tutorial! :)


You’ll need :

  • A plain white tote bag
  • Pencil
  • Black acrylic or fabric paint (I used acrylic!)
  • Big and small flat brushes
  • Old newspapers
  • A steady hand and a good amount of patience!


First I drew the design on the tote (freehand), you don’t have to be exact but try not to draw into the white areas. Once you’re more or less satisfied with your sketch, time to paint! I like to start on the edges with a smaller brush and then fill in the larger areas later with a larger brush.

You might want to put a layer of newspaper in between the bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through! Don’t be in too much of a hurry to complete your project, make sure the paint is dry or be very careful not to smudge wet paint if you need to shift your work. This took me slightly over an hour to complete!


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Some days I feel overwhelmed by all these ideas going through my head, some days I take my creations out, some days I create while I am out.

My DIY-ed Charlotte Olympia-inspired cat flats. these get quite a bit of attention, what can I say, it’s a wild world. Kitty on a budget, these cost so little to do it yourself, not too shabby if you consider it’s only a teeny tiny fraction of what the original would cost you.

Meet The Misfits. I wanted to call this “Teatime Mayhem”, but somehow my mind and hand coordination messed up and I wrote Th….. instead of Tea.

THIS! This is my pride and joy. This was originally a cream colored floral shoulder bag from Topshop that I got off ebay a couple of years back, but it came stained and I didn’t see anyway I was going to use it but was too lazy to send it back to the seller. I painted it black and made tons of fabric flowers and faux pearl rondelles..

One of a kind indeed, definitely showing this off soon!

Do you girls have old bags and clothes that you don’t wear/can’t match/just don’t fit? I’m considering offering an “upcycling” service whereby I help you turn your old stuff into pretty amazing stuff! (Like my clutch) I am not sure if that is a feasible idea but if anyone has suggestions/requests, please do drop me a comment or email : jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com

One day to Friday! xx

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” — Andy Warhol

DIY : Summer Cropped Top

If you start discovering boring old tees in the midst of a wardrobe clearout like I did, here’s a great DIY idea that will turn your rags into riches! (Okay, not quite, but you get the gist.) This is unbelievably easy and quick to do, you don’t have to be exceptionally good with your hands to ace this one, and I just had to share it with you girls! :)

All you need is a tee shirt or a loose tank top. If using a tee shirt, just snip off the sleeves and neckline trim at the end, or you could leave it as a cropped tee, it’s really up to you. :)

Here’s the step by step instructions, courtesy of Gi Montenegro! Thanks for the amazing tutorial!

PS : I’ll be attempting to DIY a pair of lace shorts from scratch cos the ones I have seen in stores are way out of budget, and the ones that are within my budget fail to tickle my fancy. You gotta admit, every girls needs at least one of those pretty things! xx

In a cupcake.

In the past week, Robin has out-blogged me! Time for updates! :)  I’ll blog about my twenty seventh birthday proper in a later post, but here are some snippets!

Our all time favourite cupcakes! I’ve been baking these ever since I first laid hands on the recipe, they turn out amazing every time. I decided to bake two batches this time, the usual blueberry cream cheese & a strawberry variation with more cream cheese & a surprise jam centre.

I’m so proud of these, but they were Robin’s idea.

DIY-ed moustache straws! Best part is, the moustaches are reusable & make a great take home gift for your friends! Cutting them individually and making them look cute does take a bit of time & effort but trust me, it was well worth it!

A sneak peek at what’s coming up at jeaninegabrielle.com!

A french toast wearing a moustache? How cute is that? Plus new moustache earstuds! See them in store soon!

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DIY nails ♥ Princess French Tips!

I picked up a couple new bottles of polish yesterday so I decided to play around with them today! Here’s an easy peasy one! You don’t really have to worry about painting a straight line across the top of your nail if you paint glitter on top of it cos it kinda blurs the line anyway. It’s princess bling but not over the top so it’s still simple enough for everyday wear. :)

I used Glintz 02, Revlon 918 Silver Screen and Sylvie 16 (glitter)

Showed this to Robin and he said he likes the black/silver combination better, so I guess I already know what color to paint my nails next! xx

diy : aztec obi belt

Yay I got me a new belt! Can’t wait to wear it. :D

It’s an obi-style belt I got when I was in Sydney a couple year ago… When I pulled it out it had some stains on it so I figured, why not… Upcycle! So, I drew aztec designs on it and tada! One of my best upcycled creations I reckon.

Who says fashion comes at a high price? xx

we be pimpin'

isn’t he just soooooooo cute? :)

one of my latest “experiments”, inspired by the cataracs, top of the world mv. it’s not as BLING BLING as the original but it’ll do for now… i’ll probably be making a few variations of these so the usual bunch of us can hit butter cataracs-style. orrrr use them for dares… would you walk around town with these on? actually, come to think of it… knowing me, i would! dare me!

(please don’t watch this if you’re underaged, or if your folks are around.)

ahhhhh the style scouts finals is tomorrow. i can’t wait to meet the rest of the finalists… i mean, i’m not really hard up on winning it, (altho that would be like the icing on the cake, which might take some sort of a miracle) i think it’s the experience and what i learn from it that matters… i do know tho that i’m no hardcore fashion blogger. i might be clueless if you throw me a string of designer names but hey! a friend of mine said it best, “you’re unique”.

…afterall, fashion is about being unique, isn’t it? if you could be special, why would you wanna be like everyone else?


some time ago, i stumbled on a blog that i fell in love with in a split second… http://sleepwalks9to5.livejournal.com

her style, her photos, her occassional food posts, i was inspired. and then i saw this knitted heart skirt that kept popping up in her posts and couldn’t help but fall in love with it. supposedly purchased from gmarket, i combed the entire site for 2 weeks but still failed to find something even close… :(

i gave up searching for it on gmarket and decided to make myself something similar instead. i did it over a span of two days, but the effort was well worth it. i’m a very happy bunny with my “upcycled” bodycon skirt, so i thought i’d do a little diy tutorial in case anyone else wants to have a go at it :)

1. starting with a plain bodycon skirt, i used foam hearts to gauge the position of where each heart should be stamped. (see, i really did this from scratch!)

2. all hearts aligned! (i know i missed out two when i took this photo)

3. i used a stack of foam hearts, glued them together to get a heart “stamp”. painted white fabric paint on the heart and stamped where each should be. it’s quite a tedious process cos i had to re-coat the stamp each time. you can’t just “ink” it like you would with a stamp pad cos fabric paint is thick and it might get messed up.

after i had stamped all the hearts, i had to individually paint a second coat. you could skip this if you’re happy with them looking quite faint. this was the part that took up the most time actually. i had to be very careful not to mess up the edges when i was filling them in. *phew*

4. all done! :)

so there, that’s what i got up to during the easter weekend cos i made a pact with myself to not go clubbing during holy week! i’m looking forward to hitting the dance floor again soon tho… i hope you girls enjoyed this little “tutorial”!

till my next post, which will be very soon (like later today), tooooodles!

♥ jean

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