we be pimpin'

isn’t he just soooooooo cute? :)

one of my latest “experiments”, inspired by the cataracs, top of the world mv. it’s not as BLING BLING as the original but it’ll do for now… i’ll probably be making a few variations of these so the usual bunch of us can hit butter cataracs-style. orrrr use them for dares… would you walk around town with these on? actually, come to think of it… knowing me, i would! dare me!

(please don’t watch this if you’re underaged, or if your folks are around.)

ahhhhh the style scouts finals is tomorrow. i can’t wait to meet the rest of the finalists… i mean, i’m not really hard up on winning it, (altho that would be like the icing on the cake, which might take some sort of a miracle) i think it’s the experience and what i learn from it that matters… i do know tho that i’m no hardcore fashion blogger. i might be clueless if you throw me a string of designer names but hey! a friend of mine said it best, “you’re unique”.

…afterall, fashion is about being unique, isn’t it? if you could be special, why would you wanna be like everyone else?

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