i wish this was a choo choo train…

goooooood morning! I’m blogging from my blackberry, on the train for the very first time! trying very hard to keep my balance with the train jerking and everyone swaying, but its really slow to type single-handedly. I really wish this lady next to me would stop bumping into me and flicking her fruity smelling hair in my face.

I’m hungry! (and she just stepped on my toe and flicked her hair at me again. stop already!) I have a blueberry muffin in my bag waiting to be eaten the moment I step out of the station at orchard. and I got powerberries!

 it was between this and red bull, decided to go natural. (I can’t figure out how to add media!!!)  15/11 update + photos : the blueberry muffin wasn’t impressive at all. the ones i baked were wayyyyyy more yummy!

two more stops to go! I hope I won’t be late… (she just kicked my toe! this is getting really annoying)

okay I got to go! blueberry muffin time! ♥

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