Advertorial : Essential Hair Essence

hey girls! been awhile since i reviewed beauty products, butttttt, i’m finally getting back into the swing of things! here’s one for all your pretty tresses! :)

a lil under two weeks ago, i received a whole lot of products from Essential. These included products from the Damage Care Nuance Airy and Damage Care Rich Premier range.

as most of you would know, my hair is pretty long… my mum often says my hair looks “dead” and lifeless. but i’m just not ready to chop off a significant length of my hair! While the Rich Premier range promises to smooth and manage antamable hair, I decided to try out the Nuance Airy range to give my hair more bounce!

this is what i’ve been using for the past 10 days :)

From left : Essential damage care Nuance Airy shampoo, conditioner, treatment and hair mask! And they all smell really really yummy! The combination of milk, honey and wild rose components give it a really light fruity floral scent which I totally love.

i hate frizzy hair! :(

I shampoo once or twice daily, depending on whether I go out or not… The conditioner is suitable for daily use, but I use it every 2 to 3 days, alternating with the treatment. The hair mask is recommended to be used 1 to 2 times a week, and I’ve used it just once in the past 10 days.

After the first wash, I already noticed a difference. Few days later, my hair became really easy to brush through! I usually take like 5 minutes to get the tangles out of my hair but since I’ve been using Essential, within a minute my hair is tangle-free!

I’m really in love with the Nuance Airy anti-frizz serum hair essence (right in photo below), it really works wonders on my tresses! :)

i also tried the Rich Premier hair essence, which is a nourishing care lotion with the consistency of a moisturiser. The Nuance Airy hair essence on the other hand is a clear, almost water like liquid. I can’t quite decide which one I like more tho!

Okay, I guess I’m leaning towards the Nuance Airy hair essence! Loveee the results! The photo below speaks for itself…. the difference is really drastic!

I’m sure you can tell which portion of my hair I used the essence on!

…Hope you girls found this review helpful. I’m definitely going to continue using Essential’s products!

Thank you Essential! :)

♥ jean

Every Girl's Must Read… Lady Ayn Rose

Lady Ayn Rose is a newly launched Lifestyle Blog, owned by a young lady in awe of Audrey Hepburn’s sophistication, Rose.

Her blog is simple, yet chocked full of information every girl needs to know! What you’ll find basically is what defines you as a woman and consists largely of four parts…

You’ll be able to read about Rose’s daily life and share her personal musings and pretty pictures… Read on and you’ll discover her values and believes in life.

If you’re young, growing up and have no idea how to start shopping for skin care products, you’ll love the section where she speaks on skincare. It’ll help you determine if you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin. Allowing you to learn more about your particular skin type and how to take proper care of your skin.

In “She Speaks on Wardrobe” Rose shares tips on how to shop smart for clothing! Learn about different dress styles, and also get fashion savvy with mixing and matching the items in your wardrobe!

Rose also sells an exclusive collection of apparel, mostly hand picked by herself on overseas trips!

I was lucky to be given a very pretty skirt from a collection that has yet to be released! :) It’s a light green “tutu-like” skirt. Come to think of it I haven’t been dressing very girly of late, and the skirt is a real sweetheart piece! Thanks Rose! Will definitely post photos of me in the skirt soon… But meanwhile…

Start dressing and shopping smarter, start reading Lady Ayn Rose

♥ jean

Happy Teeth!

so i had a date with my favourite dentist yesterday… i was really scared at first cos previously i was told by my orthodontist that i needed a root canal. but, i escaped the root canal! make sure you ask for a second opinion and alternatives. you never know if your dentist is just trying to get more $$$ out of you.

so i ended up just getting two teeth filled. he did such a fab job that i couldn’t even figure out which two teeth got filled!

believe it or not, the second molar is 75% filling. it was totally broken and there was a “pit”. somehow braces killed my molars. i had the molar on the left side extracted about 2 years ago… so people with braces, please watch those molars! the ones that got affected were the ones which had the metal band around it the whole while… (3 years!)

cost for two fillings, $160. well worth it considering i almost had to pay $800 to do a root canal? and then i would have had to do a crown on that tooth! estimated total damage? i’m guessing close to $2k and alot of pain.. for one molar? NO WAY.

speaking of pain, i felt none whatsoever. immediately after the numbness wore off, i was eating a swanky franky at botak jones and drinking coke! and you know how you’d go to bed and wake up with that throbbing feeling after your teeth get drilled into? i woke up feeling better than ever! i was soooo glad! it’s like i never went to the dentist. he’s very focused when he’s working on your teeth so you can expect 100% attention. unlike alot of female dentists who are chit-chattering with the nurses 80% of the time with a drill in your mouth.

so remember, if you’re looking for an awesome dentist,

Look for Dr Ian Teoh! :)

Universal Dental Surgery Blk 960 Jurong West St 92 #02-172

t : 67911966

visits to the dentist don’t always have to be dreadful!


FAT BOY’S, set in the heart of the Thomson area, the place exudes a very cosy feeling… and it definitely stands out among the other eats along the same stretch.

the colors are kept simple, black and white. the furnishings are minimalist, but the wall art contributes to a photo opportunity you can’t pass on…

the menu?

expect to have stuff like peanut butter, bananas, or pineapples in your burger! if you’re totally mind boggled by their whacky burgers, you can opt to build your own, which i did!

this was a honey oat bun, with a skinny beef patty, cheese, salami and FAT BOY’S homemade bbq sauce. who said you can only put salami on pizzas? at FAT BOY’S, anything goes! plus, the beef patties are absolutely awesome. tender and moist, these melt in your mouth patties will not disappoint.

ps : the original FAT BASTERD comes with two beef patties instead of one!

to top it off, i had a yummy root beer float. i heard the milkshakes there are awesome too… i can’t wait to go back and try more items, i might skip the burgers on my next visit and go for the hot wings and sausages instead, i’ll definitely be needing a milkshake too! :)

. . .

to check out their menu and special promotions,

( click here to go to FAT BOY’S website )

FAT BOY’S is located at :

tuck in!

love, jean


located on the 3rd floor of Orchard Central, Quiznos Sub is our new found (food) love!

the subs are awesome, with butcher cut meats, and soup for sides, they’re definitely a notch above Subway!

ps : be sure to try the chicken noodle soup!

top up $2.70 to get a soup and drink! it’s a really great deal! and the chicken soup does wonders especially on rainy days…

we tried the Zesty Grilled Beef Steak (something like that) and the Mesquite Chicken subs… yum yum yum!

the brocolli cheese soup is amazing too! it’s like drinking melted cheese, with the goodness of the greens!

YUMMMMM! i can’t wait to go again! :D


fight those zits!

if you’re like me and hate waking up to find a “bleached” patch on your pillow, then you’re gonna like this.

not quite your average pimple cream, this “Xin Fu Man Ling” cream claims to kill demodex mites in 1 minute and resolves pimples in 3 days. It helps to balance the sebum on the skin as well as activate the skin’s natural healing processes. Regular use will keep the skin smooth, fair and soft. It does not interfere with the skin’s metabolism and the creme is odourless, light, silky and transparent upon application.

The Xin fu man ling creme is a medicated cosmetic prepared exclusively by Guangzhou’s Guangdetang Pharmaceutical Factory. It kills demodex mites and bacteria, diminishes inflammation, stops itching, regulates sebum production, protects the skin and improves its appearance. This product is especially effective in treating acne, demodectic rosacea, thickened skin, brandy nose, itching face etc. When used non-medically, as part of a skin care regimen, it maintains and improves the normal health of the skin, causing it to become delicate, moisturized and attractive.

it does what it claims.

it doesn’t dry out your skin leaving it patchy and scaly like creams that contain benzoyl peroxide do… and, it won’t bleach your pretty bed sheets. plus it has a very pleasant scent too!

get a tube for S$15.80 from The Jamu Shop

ps : price include registered mail by singpost. they accept payments by paypal or bank transfer.

start fighting those zits while keeping your sheets pretty!


The (NEW) Market Place @ Massive Outfit!


Picture 3

if you’re looking for great deals on great quality apparel, the search ends here… you’re reading it here first cos this section was just “launched” last night.

This new section within MASSIVE OUTFIT promises great buys that are worth every cent…

and for starters, i think this STASH HOUSE tee is just uber cute!


and guys, if you appreciate a good pair of jeans, i’d highly recommend you check out the Helmut Lang Distressed Skinny.

Such a bargain for a pair of Helmut Lang jeans for SGD$300 doesn’t come by everyday, you know.


hustle hustle!

we all know good deals don’t last very long!


behind the scenes!


okay here are photos from the photoshoot i did last month!

the September issue is out so i guess we can post photos more freely… we were told not to publish photos until the story was published, and it has been so here are the photos! I myself haven’t gotten hold of the september issue, but from what i’ve heard… it still looks like me, just with a whole lot more makeup piled on… I have photos to prove it.

top photo : that’s all of us basically… photographer, michelle, me, and yuen mei (daniel’s supposed cyber-stalkers)


that’s denise, she did our interviews!

(i look so tinyyyy)


this was after i got like 50% of the makeup off my face…

photographer’s tip?

if you’re taking a photo of yourself, you have to turn the camera upside down… it gives you better control! no kidding! that’s what he said!


it was actually daniel’s birthday on the day of the shoot, we didn’t get to see him in person, but we did leave him a birthday note telling him we wouldn’t date him. haha! now i wonder if kamei actually gave it to him…


that’s about all, some photos are just duplicates and we didn’t really take very many photos while we were shooting… and would you believe, they didn’t want me to take off the jacket cos.. well.. they said im too skinny!

trust me, you’ll never catch me with this much make up on again… not in a million yearssss! (i hope)

gosh, i’m so gonna pick up the september issue the moment i step out of the house later in the day… and then i’ll take a photo and update this okay? busy busy day ahead! i have orders to mail out and errands to run… and i just promised grace she could interview me for a school project. somewhere in between i have to pick up some stuff from mabel.  and the highlight of the entire day would be the meeting with…


they’ve got really awesome apparel for guys, so please pop in! (did i mention quite alot of stuff is on sale right now?)

that said… if i don’t reply your emails today, please bear with me okay?

♥ xoxo ♥

fruity monday!

i was roaming in Watsons yesterday and this particular skincare range really caught my eye! So i googled it when i got home…

Picture 10Picture 1


so that’s the one that was sold out! :(

i had to talk myself out of buying a whole load of them on impulse cos the packaging is oh so cute, and the prices are pretty affordable too. $9.90 for a tube of mask, that’s okay, right?

meanwhile i can’t wait for my order from Mario Badescu to reach Audrey in LA. she’s gonna send it to me along with a whole lot of other stuff that i wanted. Here’s what i ordered from Mario!

1. acne repair kit

Picture 14Picture 15Picture 12

The perfect acne kit. Everything you need to get acne erupted skin looking clear and healthy is in this kit in full sizes. Our world famous Drying Lotion (1oz.) clears up whiteheads overnight while our Drying Cream (0.5 oz.) conceals blemishes as they heal, and Buffering Lotion (1 oz.) helps fight larger areas of deep eruptions and helps prevent new acne before it starts.

2. special healing powder

Picture 16

Heal and conceal acne breakouts with this specially formulated, Sulfur based powder that absorbs excess oil and reduces redness and irritation caused by breakouts. May be applied to skin to help control surface oil, disinfect and calm acne prone areas. Works wonders to quickly dry up open, infected pimples.

3. silver powder

Picture 17

For excessive, stubborn blackheads, this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. Prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. You will see a remarkable difference after one application.

aren’t we all just suckers for products that claim to do wonders for our skin?

But, celebrities love Mario for the miracle working products, and ‘m dying to give it a go!

happiness in the mail, coming soon… :)


♥ xoxo ♥

the cure for monday mornings.

remember the site i told you guys about over the weekend?

i just checked out my first lot of samples! here’s what i got! :)


left :  La Roche Posay Effaclar K Daily Renewal Fluid for Oily Skin

right : RTC Whitening & wrinkle repair BB cream


left : Sansho Skin Renewal Gel

right : Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source

of course they don’t come in full sizes, i’ll definitely snap a photo when i get them! i paid a shipping fee of S$2.40 for 4 samples… it’s quite alright i guess? that’s as close to free as we can get these days i reckon!

so, if you haven’t signed up for your own account, do it today!

you could win some pretty neat monthly prizes too!


i’m gonna go pack some orders and then my bag for the closet lover’s collection 19 shoot. grab a bite and i’m off!

have a great monday lovelies! and a fab week ahead!


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