Happy Teeth!

so i had a date with my favourite dentist yesterday… i was really scared at first cos previously i was told by my orthodontist that i needed a root canal. but, i escaped the root canal! make sure you ask for a second opinion and alternatives. you never know if your dentist is just trying to get more $$$ out of you.

so i ended up just getting two teeth filled. he did such a fab job that i couldn’t even figure out which two teeth got filled!

believe it or not, the second molar is 75% filling. it was totally broken and there was a “pit”. somehow braces killed my molars. i had the molar on the left side extracted about 2 years ago… so people with braces, please watch those molars! the ones that got affected were the ones which had the metal band around it the whole while… (3 years!)

cost for two fillings, $160. well worth it considering i almost had to pay $800 to do a root canal? and then i would have had to do a crown on that tooth! estimated total damage? i’m guessing close to $2k and alot of pain.. for one molar? NO WAY.

speaking of pain, i felt none whatsoever. immediately after the numbness wore off, i was eating a swanky franky at botak jones and drinking coke! and you know how you’d go to bed and wake up with that throbbing feeling after your teeth get drilled into? i woke up feeling better than ever! i was soooo glad! it’s like i never went to the dentist. he’s very focused when he’s working on your teeth so you can expect 100% attention. unlike alot of female dentists who are chit-chattering with the nurses 80% of the time with a drill in your mouth.

so remember, if you’re looking for an awesome dentist,

Look for Dr Ian Teoh! :)

Universal Dental Surgery Blk 960 Jurong West St 92 #02-172

t : 67911966

visits to the dentist don’t always have to be dreadful!

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