the wristcutters

“…it only happens when it doesn’t matter. it comes without effort.”

a single line out of an entire 90 minute film, it hits you, and it sticks. it’s films like these that i really enjoy, and “the wristcutters” is one of my favorites.

( click here to watch the wristcutters on veoh ) 

for those who have never watched or heard of this film, please, go watch it. don’t worry, this film isn’t exactly pro-suicide. you never know what life has in store for you, but when it comes, don’t fight it.

…if it happens, it happens.

from strangers to lovers, to strangers, again.

i was just feed-surfing on facebook last night and saw this video that my friend jason posted… it really summarizes relationships, in 16 minutes. true enough, almost every relationship goes through these stages, except for those that end in marriage.. even then, there is still that possibility of falling into the end stage.

the meeting, the chase, the honeymoon period, getting comfortable with each other which could be good or bad, tolerating each other, going down hill, and breaking up.

in any relationship, ultimately, there are only two possible “endings”. you either break up, or you get married. it’s one or the other…  c’est la vie.

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