DIY : Summer Cropped Top

If you start discovering boring old tees in the midst of a wardrobe clearout like I did, here’s a great DIY idea that will turn your rags into riches! (Okay, not quite, but you get the gist.) This is unbelievably easy and quick to do, you don’t have to be exceptionally good with your hands to ace this one, and I just had to share it with you girls! :)

All you need is a tee shirt or a loose tank top. If using a tee shirt, just snip off the sleeves and neckline trim at the end, or you could leave it as a cropped tee, it’s really up to you. :)

Here’s the step by step instructions, courtesy of Gi Montenegro! Thanks for the amazing tutorial!

PS : I’ll be attempting to DIY a pair of lace shorts from scratch cos the ones I have seen in stores are way out of budget, and the ones that are within my budget fail to tickle my fancy. You gotta admit, every girls needs at least one of those pretty things! xx

The Boyfriend Shirt.

Was playing around this morning and came up with this!

All you need is your boyfriend’s shirt. (Or, maybe steal one of daddy’s!) There are quite a few ways to wear the shirt as a dress but this is my favourite version! You can hardly tell it’s a shirt! :D

Check out the video below for ideas! xx


some time ago, i stumbled on a blog that i fell in love with in a split second…

her style, her photos, her occassional food posts, i was inspired. and then i saw this knitted heart skirt that kept popping up in her posts and couldn’t help but fall in love with it. supposedly purchased from gmarket, i combed the entire site for 2 weeks but still failed to find something even close… :(

i gave up searching for it on gmarket and decided to make myself something similar instead. i did it over a span of two days, but the effort was well worth it. i’m a very happy bunny with my “upcycled” bodycon skirt, so i thought i’d do a little diy tutorial in case anyone else wants to have a go at it :)

1. starting with a plain bodycon skirt, i used foam hearts to gauge the position of where each heart should be stamped. (see, i really did this from scratch!)

2. all hearts aligned! (i know i missed out two when i took this photo)

3. i used a stack of foam hearts, glued them together to get a heart “stamp”. painted white fabric paint on the heart and stamped where each should be. it’s quite a tedious process cos i had to re-coat the stamp each time. you can’t just “ink” it like you would with a stamp pad cos fabric paint is thick and it might get messed up.

after i had stamped all the hearts, i had to individually paint a second coat. you could skip this if you’re happy with them looking quite faint. this was the part that took up the most time actually. i had to be very careful not to mess up the edges when i was filling them in. *phew*

4. all done! :)

so there, that’s what i got up to during the easter weekend cos i made a pact with myself to not go clubbing during holy week! i’m looking forward to hitting the dance floor again soon tho… i hope you girls enjoyed this little “tutorial”!

till my next post, which will be very soon (like later today), tooooodles!

♥ jean

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