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Recently, I got a new customer from New Zealand! Always excited to get new overseas customers. :D Catherine is a fashion “blogger” of sorts, more so on Youtube. Here she shows off her YSL-inspired artsy ring.

Her “review” at 10 minutes 30 seconds in this video!

Thanks Catherine for the mention :)

She does monthly style haul videos as well as fashion lookbooks, so do check out her other videos on Youtube! xx

Ring around the rosie, a pocketful of posies

I really love how Constance totally rawked the mustard rose necklace ($22), as seen on The Closet Lover. 

These roses are hand sewn and strung on satin ribbon. Other colors available upon request, fabric versions also available in store.

While my macbook was “dead”,  I managed to complete a couple of new Perpetual Spring pieces! Here are some sneaks!

A neutral bouquet $39
A bouquet of hand sewn nude florals for the simple girl, topped with faux pearls. The neutral, down to earth tones makes this a complimentary piece to a wide range of outfits. This piece sold but remakes are available.

Madison dusty spring bouquet $49 (free local shipping by regular mail)
A trio of dusty hues in cream, pink & purple, backed with fresh greens. Each petal is handcut, folded, and sewn.

Coralista $29
A trio of hand sewn coral roses strung on a crocheted string. Each rose measures approximately 4.5cm

> > > shop now < < <

I’ll be uploading these and more to the store over the weekend, have a great F1 weekend here in Singapore! :)

monday blues…

ben called, and he suddenly said,

“oh i’m booking out tomorrow”

i’m like, wtf?

apparently he has this specialist appointment at the jurong clinic which he totally failed to tell me about sooner… but oh well, i have a CLUBCOUTURE meeting at 3pm tomorrow to sign the ambassador contract or something…

so no ben tomorrow i guess… i’ll just wait till friday, it’s not that far away anyway right? but i need a really good huggggg. i’ve been feeling so sleepy all day, i slept quite early last night, i think? oh wait, i didn’t. *Shrugs* i did manage to finish bloggin about all the things i was supposed to blog about today…

check this out, it’s the new customisations page on jeaninegabrielle.com :)

it’s like a summary of what’s available to be customised, the raw stuff… so it’s easier and you won’t have to snoop around all over my blog to get customisation ideas… how’s that? could always use more feedback, so if you’ve got ideas, drop me a note, anytime! :)

oh well, been baby sitting yesterday and today… my brother-in-law’s dad has been hospitalised so the kids have been left to us… kids sure drain your energy… you have to play with them constantly, they’re just so hyper-active! and then putting them to bed isn’t exactly easy too… they don’t fall asleep like us, they need to be pat to sleep…

i’m waiting for ben to call back now, he’s gone for some rehearsal thing… grrrrrr

i’m so sleeping early tonight…

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