Baileys gets a playhouse!

Last week Robin & I “built” Baileys his first ever playhouse! It took him awhile to warm up to it but now he readily hides in it when the weather outside gets too warm for his liking. I think he’ll have more fun with an even bigger one, so that’s going on the bunny checklist! :)

“……..the making of”

There! Our first bunny playhouse made out of nothing but a box! Next time I’m scrapping the ductape. xx

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great easter holiday! We got down to some baking again over the weekend! I baked two cakes on Saturday, must have been out of my mind, I was so tired after that. >_<

I usually prefer cupcakes/muffins over cakes cos they’re easier to share but I didn’t bring the cupcake tray back to Robin’s place so we had to settle for cakes! The second one turned out amazing! I iced it with cream cheese frosting, a thick layer of blueberry jam & topped it with tons of fresh blackberries & raspberries.

We shared this with friends yesterday evening at a little home cooked easter dinner. :)

And…… Guess who’s being a cutie today?

I’m doing some catching up with work, so look out for more new additions in store this week! xx

Bunny Trouble!

This little rascal cost me quite a bunch of nerves last weekend!

So it was Sunday and I was attending bYSI’s exclusive bloggers’ tea party at ION Orchard when I got a text from daddy saying Baileys isn’t eating, drinking or moving around. My heart dropped, and I didn’t know what to do… He’s usually the hyperactive, noise making, scampering bunny. For him to be just sitting or lying around, wasn’t a good thing.

So I had to scrap dinner plans I made earlier, rushed down to church for mass and then made a mad rush home to make sure he was still well, alive…

I got nervous opening the main door, hoping to see him get up like he usually does when I come home, but nope, he just lifted his head slightly before going back down… It was Sunday, no vets were still open, so I put him out in the playpen while we had dinner. He still wasn’t moving much so we scooted off to Pet Lover’s at Northpoint to see if they could do anything… He seemed fine in the car tho, he kept sticking his head out of his carrier…

No verdict, just possibilities. Maybe his teeth were too long, maybe he had a furball… He got his nails cut tho… At least it wasn’t exactly a wasted trip. He got a little better when we got home. I sat with him in the playpen trying to force feed him with some “stress pack formula” and managed to feed him some vege leaves.

Monday, contemplated taking him to the vet, but he seemed to be getting better. He started pooping but it was runny, I know you’re supposed to consider runny bunny poo an emergency but it was a risk I took to wait it out abit longer. We managed to get him to eat more vege leaves and I managed to get him to eat pineapple. I googled a lot and pineapple was a possible “cure”.

And guess what? He took a nap and within an hour of eating the pineapple, poop appeared!!! Not runny poooo! It was smaller than usual but it was a good sign. I’m glad I didn’t go to the vets, it would have cost me at least $100 straight up.

Next day he was back to normal, although still being picky with his food, but he was back to running and jumping around. It’s been a week and he’s back to his old mischievous self again!

Thanks to everyone who read my tweets and showed so much concern for Baileys, he sends his bunny cuteness and ! =)

♥, jean

Baileys The VERY Mischievous Bunny

Baileys after his “rinseless bath”, becos, this little fella absolutely HATES being wet. he freaks out when he gets wet, so… no wet baths.

i didn’t realise until i uploaded this photo to my laptop that he actually stuck his tongue out when i took this photo! and then… about 20 mins after i took the photo, i was surfing facebook and suddenly my mum goes

“JEANINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE JUMPED OUT!!!!”

honestly i was confused for a good 5 secs, he jumped out? who jumped out? then i realised she was referring to Baileys! so i ran out and there he was, hopping around under the dining table. he jumped out of the playpen, and fyi, it’s about 60cm high. seriously i had a hard time chasing him cos he started dashing all over the hall and hiding under tables… i was really worried he would bite into the cables! thank god i managed to catch him before he did anything tragic.

oh well, i’m finally getting back into the swing of things. made lots of new stuff! but i’m getting kinda sleepy so, i’ll update later.

toooodles! :)

Happy Easter!

happy easter everyone!

sorry the photo is so blurry, Baileys is so active it’s hard to get him in one position. i’m not quite quick enough, yet. but i thought this is a really adorable shot of him despite the blur. he always stands up when he sees me holding the camera… always trying to get a close up!

so have a great easter sunday!

love, Baileys & me

Boxed up Baileys

Baileys’ latest new toy… a plastic box-like thing… ben’s been complaining about how i’m spoiling Baileys with so many new things all the time… but i have to keep his mind active right?

speaking of which, i finally tried taking him out on a leash, which wasn’t exactly the best idea.

i ended up running after him like a mad hatter. i’m serious. the speed at which he hops is no joke. he runs at high speed, and suddenly stops and i end up like a metre ahead of him when i manage to stop myself… the kids around here were pretty amused tho… adults too. i bet they’ve never seen a rabbit running around on a leash. :P

getting him back in to the house was a dreadful task too. he kept running back out! i ended up with lots of scratches all over my arms trying to catch him… :(


i took this really adorable photo of Baileys yesterday and just had to share it with everyone (who hasn’t already seen it on facebook)

i’ve got tons of scrap fabrics lying around so since it’s considered rabbit-safe, i thought i’d give him a piece to keep amused. at first we played tug of war, then i put it on his head covering his eyes and he didn’t quite bother… then he went around with it hung across his neck like a shawl…

i’m thinking of adding more colors to his fabric scraps, maybe he’ll make a nice bed to sleep in some day… :)

he loveeessss his new daily food by the way. he’s been a really picky eater and doesn’t want to eat his pellets! so i went to Pet Lovers and asked if there was anything else he could eat and they recommended Vitakraft’s Life Dream. it’s a dream alright, Baileys loves it! its a mix of fruits as well as alfalfa meal and other stuff and it’s colorful, just the way he likes it…

the staff at Pet Lovers at Northpoint are pretty awesome… haha! i’ve only gone there like twice and they seem to know me already.. the other day when i was at the cashier the guy said, “woahhhhh so rocker ah today?” i couldn’t help but laugh. and i showed them Baileys’ photo, they think he’s a cutie :)

who can deny that? anyways, that’s all about Baileys for now… looks like he’s gonna have to be neutered sooner or later. i just realised yesterday that his testicles have “descended”.

taaaa! :)

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