i took this really adorable photo of Baileys yesterday and just had to share it with everyone (who hasn’t already seen it on facebook)

i’ve got tons of scrap fabrics lying around so since it’s considered rabbit-safe, i thought i’d give him a piece to keep amused. at first we played tug of war, then i put it on his head covering his eyes and he didn’t quite bother… then he went around with it hung across his neck like a shawl…

i’m thinking of adding more colors to his fabric scraps, maybe he’ll make a nice bed to sleep in some day… :)

he loveeessss his new daily food by the way. he’s been a really picky eater and doesn’t want to eat his pellets! so i went to Pet Lovers and asked if there was anything else he could eat and they recommended Vitakraft’s Life Dream. it’s a dream alright, Baileys loves it! its a mix of fruits as well as alfalfa meal and other stuff and it’s colorful, just the way he likes it…

the staff at Pet Lovers at Northpoint are pretty awesome… haha! i’ve only gone there like twice and they seem to know me already.. the other day when i was at the cashier the guy said, “woahhhhh so rocker ah today?” i couldn’t help but laugh. and i showed them Baileys’ photo, they think he’s a cutie :)

who can deny that? anyways, that’s all about Baileys for now… looks like he’s gonna have to be neutered sooner or later. i just realised yesterday that his testicles have “descended”.

taaaa! :)

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