j'ai besoin…

THIS. Pronto.

Is anyone using this model? I’ve been “camera-surfing” online and I keep coming back to this cos it’s got pretty much all I need and I guess $300 is okay for something I NEED. My sister had an Ixus and for some reason I hated using it, I guess I’m just bound to PowerShots.

pour mon anniversaire, je veux…

i’m feeling particularly stupid, for no apparent reason. i think i’m losing my head. ahhhh we’re having wagyu beef steak stir-fried wagyu beef cubes at home tonight and i’m getting…

1. hungry

2. restless.

so, i thought i’d try to put things i want most on my birthday wishlist! not that i actually expect people to buy them for me cos these cost quite abit but yeaaaaa, i might end up giving myself birthday gifts. (as usual)

the ipad 2!

do i need a reason to want the ipad 2? seriously, who doesn’t want to own an ipad? i’m just afraid if i get one it’ll distract me too much from the things that really matter and lose my priorities…

the canon sx 230 hs

i need a new camera, period. i don’t really like doing the research part when getting a new camera but i thought it’d be okay to stick with canon… i’m currently using the e1 but i feel it dying on me. i’m not too fussy, as long as the camera does it’s job. this particular model has got fisheye, miniature & toy camera effects built in! novelty attracts! and i’m a sucker for cool photos.

and that’s actually all i can think of right now, an ipad and a new camera. mmmm what can i say? i’m not much of a materialist, i guess. i don’t put every new chanel, lv or kate spade bag on my want list. i’m pretty low maintenance although it may appear otherwise.

just feed me and i’ll be happy! i hear my tummy starting to rumble now… xoxo

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