something familiar… and a very basic pancake recipe

Honey pancakes with fresh strawberries… ♥

It’s been awhile since I’ve spent time in the kitchen, apart from last week when I made Hollandaise sauce with poached eggs. (Maybe I should write about that too…) It’s been even longer since I’ve had pancakes, so I decided to make some! I usually use a buttermilk pancake mix but I was feeling “original” so I made this from scratch. The original recipe claims to yield FLUFFY pancakes, but mine were anything but fluffy. I still liked how they turned out though, quite like Robin’s german pancakes, just that I didn’t add any salt to mine. If you’ve tried the pancakes at Ikea, this one comes pretty close.

A very basic pancake recipe:

1 cup self-raising flour

1 cup milk

1 egg

 Don’t think I have to go into how to make them, right? I don’t know if it was my choice of flour that caused them to not be fluffy but I did follow the recipe,  I did add about two tablespoons of honey to the mix though, gives it a subtle taste of honey! Best enjoyed with tons of butter and soaked in pancake/maple syrup. Whip cream is optional but it is a very welcome addition, especially coupled with fresh strawberries. It’s a real treat! These pancakes keep well too, I kept about 4 of them and ate them two days later and they were still yummy after being warmed up.

Enjoy! :)

The Experimental Salad

So, what exactly went into this experimental salad?

  • Baby butterhead lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Japanese cucumber, skinned & sliced (Zucchini)
  • Porcini mushrooms, lightly cooked in olive oil
  • Smoked duck, sliced
  • Mangoes, diced
  • Home made croutons
  • Plum sauce
  • Ceres Whispers of Summer fruit juice

No recipes, no precise measurements, just purely experimental. It turned out pretty good even though we didn’t manage to find the right kind of plum sauce we had in mind. We made the croutons with baguettes this time and they were really yummy! xx

Culinary Crash Course!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, what happens when your boyfriend falls sick and you are naturally obliged to take on nanny duties?

Answer : A culinary crash course.

Chicken noodle soup with french onions, celery & carrot

Whatever it is you are down with, this is sure to perk you right up! I am not usually a big fan of celery but if you cook them long enough they actually are pretty nice.

Chicken porridge with century egg

Well, I was the only one who had the century egg anyway, Robin was too disgusted by the sight of it to even come close to trying it. This actually turned out pretty well for a first try. We had seconds on Sunday!

So, getting sick isn’t all that bad when you get something out of it. I learnt that my “chinese cooking” isn’t all that hopeless, and Robin got a personal nurse for like 3-4 days. How’s that for a deal? I’m just really glad he’s better now, his rapidly fluctuating fever really kept me on my tippy toes……

I figure most people might think, why bother? Just buy porridge from the food court or something, right? But I’ve always believed that home-cooked is always the best. There’s a magical ingredient that doesn’t come in the food you buy…. Love.

Looks like the flu bug is going around too, so load up on those vitamins, drown yourself in water and stay out of this crazy Singapore heat! xx

experimental kitchen

today i woke up with a mad craving for something that would make me happy… so i went through my list of happy food! pancakes, done that too many times. scrambled eggs, same. and then i thought of something i’ve never gotten down to trying. (okay make that three…)

rosti with gruyere cheese, bacon, poached egg & hollandaise sauce…

yesssss i made everything from scratch! pretty proud of myself i must say, it turned out pretty good for a first try. :D

the weather is so warm these days it’s not even funny. i still feel zombified from the weekend.. got home at 545am on sunday morning after a night of fun at butter, got to bed at 615am and was up at 9am for church! although i pretty much caught up with lost sleep last night, the heat is really not helping! :(

gonna try to catch up with work now that the sun has gone down… although the heat is still pretty much trapped.. xoxo

who stole my cheese?

my first attempt at cheese cookies was a success! these are italian cheese cookies. the original recipe used parmesan cheese but i love gruyere so i used half parmesan & half gruyere. don’t be fooled tho, this is not a regular cheese cookie. take a bite into it and expect the unexpected… rosemary, sun-dried tomatoes & who’d guess, cayenne pepper.

i brought a bunch of these to butter on saturday & those who were there early enough got to try it! i was also very selective about who got to taste test my cookies tho…  and ed gave me a rainbow  star grading! yay! :)

pssstttt : i made rosti today! see it in my next food post!

♥ jean

blueberry cream cheese muffins

sunday was the first time i ever baked muffins (i’m not joking). and i’m glad to say, they turned out pretty darn good. i couldn’t stop eating them the moment i popped them out of my new “bend ‘n’ bake” muffin tray. it’s an absolute god-sent.

i made tons, but after devouring most of it, some went to my sister & the kids & some to my friends (lucky bunch!) i am now left with less than 10 blueberry muffins in the oven that are begging to be eaten while my stomach is probably crying out “muffin overkill”.

earlier today i decided to try something with my muffins… pretty huh?

it looks more like a cupcake than anything, even the texture is more cupcake than muffin-like. but i don’t really care what i should call it… cupcakes, or muffins, as long as it’s good, i’m eating it!

i added more philly cream cheese on top before adding a dollop of wild blueberry jam. i really wish you all could taste it. i never expected my first muffin baking attempt to be this successful… *contented grin

i also baked a batch of apple cinnamon cherry muffins… but in comparison to the blueberry ones, these aren’t fantastic. i had one in the morning with warm apple sauce. it’s kinda like apple pie… speaking of which, i definitely need to get a spring form pan so i can bake pies more easily… hmmmmmm

i’m definitely gonna keep baking the blueberry muffins… maybe i’ll do a mixed berry one..  i’m thinking of trying coconut ones sometime soon since my parents are quite big fans of the coconut cake from big-o. not sure how coconut muffins will turn out tho..

…my mind is wandering, and all i can think of is going to the kitchen to get more muffins. in fact, i think i’ll do just that! ciao! :)

♥ jean

deviled eggs & honey pancakes

i had been craving deviled eggs for the longest time! think the last i had deviled eggs was when we went to Overeasy.. or was it Infusion? i can’t remember, but anyhoooos! i was really craving deviled eggs yesterday so i decided to make them for brunch earlier…

they’re actually really easy to make! i didn’t have bacon strips tho, so i used the canned luncheon meat with bacon as a sub. i know, i use luncheon meat ALOT! careful when you’re frying them tho, they tend to pop quite abit. (think popcorn)

if you can boil eggs, you can make deviled eggs, okay? this is a really simple version tho, just to satisfy my taste buds so don’t expect anything over the top. it’s basically just dishing out the egg yolk and adding mustard, mayo, a bit of butter, salt, and pepper. i don’t really measure everything so just taste as you go! you can add some hot sauce to up the “devil-level” if you want but i am more than happy with my “bacon bits”.

everyone knows i love pancakes. i made honey pancakes for a change today and loved it! there was something about the taste, now i’m thinking i want to make them again tomorrow.. they’re too good! plus the inside was nice and moist, a bit like muffins actually.. mmmmmmm

hope everyone’s holding up midweek, the weekend is creeping in, and i’m off to En for some japanese food lovin’ with Jones & Mimi tonight!

much pancake ♥, jean

wednesday brunch

…my favourite scrambled eggs & baby pancakes

wednesday i’m in ♥

i put luncheon meat in the scrambled eggs this time, it was extra yummy! too good! enough energy to work through wednesday now… i should be back tonight with more store updates, so check back later. (hint : think fuzzy wuzzies)

but meanwhile, check out ed’s new pizza post on cinnamonsin!

( pizza photo credits to cinnamonsin )

it just triggered a major pizza craving that needs to be satisfied soon…

♥ jean

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