blueberry cream cheese muffins

sunday was the first time i ever baked muffins (i’m not joking). and i’m glad to say, they turned out pretty darn good. i couldn’t stop eating them the moment i popped them out of my new “bend ‘n’ bake” muffin tray. it’s an absolute god-sent.

i made tons, but after devouring most of it, some went to my sister & the kids & some to my friends (lucky bunch!) i am now left with less than 10 blueberry muffins in the oven that are begging to be eaten while my stomach is probably crying out “muffin overkill”.

earlier today i decided to try something with my muffins… pretty huh?

it looks more like a cupcake than anything, even the texture is more cupcake than muffin-like. but i don’t really care what i should call it… cupcakes, or muffins, as long as it’s good, i’m eating it!

i added more philly cream cheese on top before adding a dollop of wild blueberry jam. i really wish you all could taste it. i never expected my first muffin baking attempt to be this successful… *contented grin

i also baked a batch of apple cinnamon cherry muffins… but in comparison to the blueberry ones, these aren’t fantastic. i had one in the morning with warm apple sauce. it’s kinda like apple pie… speaking of which, i definitely need to get a spring form pan so i can bake pies more easily… hmmmmmm

i’m definitely gonna keep baking the blueberry muffins… maybe i’ll do a mixed berry one..  i’m thinking of trying coconut ones sometime soon since my parents are quite big fans of the coconut cake from big-o. not sure how coconut muffins will turn out tho..

…my mind is wandering, and all i can think of is going to the kitchen to get more muffins. in fact, i think i’ll do just that! ciao! :)

♥ jean

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