…i’m such a person.

if i see something i really really want, but can’t get it at that point, i will find a way to get it by hook or by crook.

so, we were at Butter last week and i saw this group of people with awesome animal hats, and then i spotted a panda one! i didn’t know that bunch so it’d be weird if i asked them, plus they were kinda… drunk, i think. so i told ben, but he was too busy to bother about my “i want that panda hat!”

so the next day i started looking for it online…. and guess what? my efforts paid off and i found the exact same one online! already ordered and paid for. i’m having it shipped to Audrey in CA tho cos shipping directly to singapore is gonna kill me.


ben wants to kill me for shopping so much too, but he did say “i’ll find it and buy for you, k?”

so…. hahaha he can’t kill me this time! …why would he anyway? the panda is soooo adorable! :P

on a seperate note, is anyone interested in purchasing BENEFIT COSMETICS? i’m ordering in from the USA cos it’s way cheaper than getting it in stores here. for example, CORALISTA, which is a cheek color retails for S$58 here and guess how much it is online?

USD$28 = S$39 (as of now)

see, singapore stores are ripping us off! it’s $19 more to get it instores here than online! it’s insane! for those who never knew about the price difference, well, now you do!

i’m gonna be ordering my stuff by this week so if anyone is interested, please leave a comment or email me with the items you want to get.

i’m gonna go back to abit more sewing now! the SPRING 2010 collection is looking pretty darn fab!

one more day to the weekend!

i fell in love with a bunny…

we went to the pet store to look at animals…

there were hamsters, dogs, rabbits…

but i can’t forget this little bunny… i really want to have this bunny.

ohhmygoodness bunny, i’m in love with you! even though you cost $160…

bunny will you please be mine?

ps : girls, guys…. i’m gonna be out all day monday. got a photoshoot for CLUBCOUTURE!

so gimme some time to reply your emails, enquiries and what not when i get home (quite late) in the evening. if you don’t hear from me, please wait till tuesday!

love, jean

which phone would you buy?

the blackberry bold?


HTC Hero?


or HTC Dream?


honestly i’m actually leaning towards the HTCs… the blackberry might be a bit too serious for me… and moreover, it’s not like baby has a blackberry now so it’s pretty pointless. LOL i can always switch to blackberry when he gets one right?

i should really decide soon tho before all my phones totally screw up…


jeanine needs…


a usb hub!

i only have 2 usb ports on my macbook pro… now one is occupied with the laptop cooling fan, the other is either used for the camera, my thumbdrive or my new bamboo.

i need a usb hub! i’m usb-overloaded!

has anyone seen this particular one in Singapore? please let me know if you have! :)



i was surfing Urban Outfitters and stumbled upon this lust worthy fold-over bag!


and it comes in 3 yummy colors, i woudn’t be able to decide which color i want if i were to buy it!

and the last photo… isn’t it a darling too? but that one costs USD$68!

oh my gosh i’m a bag-nut!

speaking of bags… brianna and bertilla gave me this for my birthday!

it’ll be up for sale in THE CLOSET LOVER’S next collection!

not sure how many they stocked… but if you wanna bag it first, let me know! : )


xoxo, jean

Bamboo or Bamboo Fun?

i’ve long wanted a writing tablet… i really really would love a writing tablet.

i want to be able to draw whatever i want digitally and not scribble on paper and lose them within a day…

and ever since Neng showed me how useful a writing tablet is in digital imaging,  I JUST GOTTA HAVE A WRITING TABLET!

will someone buy me a writing tablet, PLEASE?

Picture 3

to be honest i’m leaning more towards bamboo fun… it sounds more fun?


how’s that for a choice justification?

Picture 7

who’s for bamboo and who’s for FUN? hmmmmm?

tuesday love…

i remember this girl who came up to me at The Butter Factory some time last year and handed me a piece of paper…

it had her email address written on it, cos i had photos of her in my camera…

see eva, i still remember! :)

Picture 4

thanks for putting up that blog post for me, it’s so nice to see my stuff on customer’s blogs!

really kicked off my tuesday morning :)

eva’s a real sweetheart, she even bought me these for my birthday!


gosh, i’m speechless. i feel so loved! thanks eva!


it’s 320am on a tuesday morning and Ben has fallen asleep on the other end of the line on Skype, so i might as well share with you what’s in my shopping bag right now! :)

ps : i don’t mind if anyone would like to pay for them as my birthday pressie? heh heh

Picture 3

Kensington Park Dress USD$36

this dress is a real darling! even tho it looks abit like the “rose plummet” dress i got last week from The Closet Lover, i just couldn’t resist this!


Picture 4

One Arm Bandit Dress USD$36

if you haven’t already heard, the one shoulder dress look is here to stay!


both dresses, and more can be found at ConversationPcs.com!

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