sneaks while i wait…

_MG_1009 _MG_1006

(i didn’t think i’d like how i look in blue…i love this!)

♥ sneaks from the closet lover’s collection 20 ♥

photography by Neng : Intrigue Visuals

_MG_1166 _MG_1190

florals here, florals there… there’s gonna be florals everywhere! :)

_MG_1208 _MG_1236

well it’s 315 am, and i’m waiting for ben’s flight to land.. it’s scheduled to land at 434 am, and i’m supposed to be asleep now!

but i have photos to edit anyway right? and i can’t help it. the new dresses are way pretty! but you girls have to wait till they launch the collection next week… so i’m being nice and i’m sneaking a few outfits!

be sure to visit their blog and join the mailing list so you won’t miss out on anything! what i’ve shown you is just a fraction of the collection!

click here to visit THE CLOSET LOVER

ps : gonna take a cat nap then wake up to “welcome ben home”!


what keeps me busy?


selecting the final photos from the photoshoot for THE CLOSET LOVER!

and skyping with Ben! look at his hair in the second photo! hahaha

and cos Neng is a busy busy bee, i did some basic DI… from last night till now and i’m finally done!


now i can go out for dinner with ben. guess where we’re going?

hint : one of our favourite haunts hahaha

okay, here’s a couple more sneaks of their new collection :)


all accessories used in the shoot are available on my website :

okay that’s all for now! bath time and then TATA! :)

sneak peeks!

we just got a preview of the photos from the shoot i did on monday!

here are some sneaks of THE CLOSET LOVER’S upcoming collection!



photography by Neng – Intrigue Visuals


can you tell? this was my favourite dress in the whole set! and it’s mine!


okay it’s like almost 4am so that’s all i’m gonna sneak for now!

will upload the rest when the finals are chosen by Brianna!

goodnight! (whoever else is awake at this ungodly hour)

love, jean

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