sneaks while i wait…

_MG_1009 _MG_1006

(i didn’t think i’d like how i look in blue…i love this!)

♥ sneaks from the closet lover’s collection 20 ♥

photography by Neng : Intrigue Visuals

_MG_1166 _MG_1190

florals here, florals there… there’s gonna be florals everywhere! :)

_MG_1208 _MG_1236

well it’s 315 am, and i’m waiting for ben’s flight to land.. it’s scheduled to land at 434 am, and i’m supposed to be asleep now!

but i have photos to edit anyway right? and i can’t help it. the new dresses are way pretty! but you girls have to wait till they launch the collection next week… so i’m being nice and i’m sneaking a few outfits!

be sure to visit their blog and join the mailing list so you won’t miss out on anything! what i’ve shown you is just a fraction of the collection!

click here to visit THE CLOSET LOVER

ps : gonna take a cat nap then wake up to “welcome ben home”!


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