Online Shopping Etiquette! :)

beforeorderingPicture 4

i spent yesterday tweaking the order forms on and also adding a little chunk of “shopping etiquette”!

everyone who runs an online store absolutely hates dead buyers, buyers who order and cancel, or worse, just stop replying your emails altogether… online shopping should be something that’s convenient and fun, and everyone has a part to play in keeping in that way, yes? it makes the whole experience way more pleasant!

i’m still not even halfway through switching all the order forms tho, cos in the process, i’m also moving sold out items to a separate page cos the pages are getting super overloaded with designs! so bear with me girls while i neaten up the site over the next week (cos i get a one week break from photoshoots!) and meanwhile, go check out all my new designs!

don’t miss these new rings!

Picture 5Picture 7

pages updated yesterday :


ps : i am also working on a new page to accomodate my growing collection of handmade hair accessories! so keep checking back for updates, and have a great sunday loves! :)


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