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I usually pull out my moleskine and start doodling on long train or bus rides. Last week I downloaded a new android app called “Drawing Pad”. It’s not bad, but not great either. While it does offer a relatively wide range of colors, as well as the option of changing your “paper” color, you can’t adjust the pen thickness, so all outlines and details are a little too thick for my liking. With some modifications, it might move up my list, but here are some doodles I did with the paid version of Drawing Pad.

It’s looking like a wet weekend, but have a good one anyway! :) xx

Arthur goes to work.

A little cat in the big city.

While the original Arthur is busy enjoying life away from me, I’ll be working on a series of Arthurs! Yes, I’m selling these, pretty excited actually cos I’ve always wanted to be sewing more.

I’m finally working on a new “section” of the store, things for the home. Novelty decorations, ornaments, plushies, anything and everything that belongs in a home or office for that matter. Things that will bring cheer and warm your heart.

Meet Bookworm Arthur!

Books included. Price to be advised.

Where is Arthur now?

I took Arthur the tiger cat out with me on saturday evening to see the world. He was abducted shortly after dinner.

Soon, photos of Arthur started popping up on Instagram…

First spotted checking out the saturday night crowd at Zouk,

And then getting kisses all around at Butter with Eugene & Mimi.

The question is, “Where is Arthur now?”

See more of Arthur soon! When I get more “hostage photos”, or when he actually comes back home. Never thought I’d have a rock star cat, he lives the way we live. For those of you who don’t know yet, Arthur is a stuffed cat toy I made the other day. After having him for a night, he was kidnapped by Mimi and is currently under her “nanny care”.



Do The Dougie!

Last week I had friends over from Sydney, and we were all over the place. Filter, Butter Factory… It’s probably the most fun I’ve had cos they’re like the awesomest people ever… Crazy dance moves, and for some reason I’m now hopelessly in love with the dougie…

For those of you who haven’t heard of the dougie, watch this.

It’s a pretty “fail-proof” dance move if you ask me… you can switch up the movements according to the beats… try it the next time you go party! =)

here’s the original from Cali Swag

♥ jean

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