going gaga!


gaga hair!

i was just messing around, and hey this “version” of the gaga bow is really very easy to do! i didn’t even have bobby pins in this. just one rubber band and very long hair! and it takes just 1 min to do!

anyways, happy national day everyone! tho i’m really not a very patriotic person. time to hit the shower then get ready for mass, and then we’re gonna have a yummmmmmmy japanese bbq dinner at Daidomon!


the Korean Balmain.


if you haven’t already seen these…

these divinely studded heels from Balmain have been all over the runway….

Picture 8

Picture 7and the koreans sure are good at copying runway styles!

Picture 5

spot the difference, if you can. cos it looks mighty fine to me….

and for the price difference, the amount of money you can save if you get the korean version doesn’t even allow for hesitation.

want to get your hands on one?


♥ xoxo ♥

Weekend Styles…

denim shorts with black tights?

image from : http://dresseduplikealady.blogspot.com

i was in town yesterday and saw at least 3 girls spotting this style… not with the wooly throwover of course, our weather is way too hot for that! instead, throw on a comfy loose tee shirt for a chic yet laid back look for the weekend!

i wonder where this trend started… i know i’ve seen this in tons on tons of korean fashion sites!


which reminds me, i’ve been hunting for a nice pair of denim shorts that (hopefully) don’t look too “battered” and “worn” cos my mum wouldn’t hesitate to toss it in the bin…

anyone seen any decent ones around lately?

girly thursday…

“she’s a ballerina” that i made last night and posted at 3am in the morning was sold this morning!

so here is a remake… this is the last piece… so get it before you miss the ballerina!


left : she’s a ballerina S$28 – sold out
the remake version features a glass teardrop instead of the usual acrylic ones

right : flicker of hope S$29 (exclusive!)
stamped “hope” brass charm, keys and a silver bell…the charms on this piece dangle from a cz stone ring

we’re just a day away from the weekend now, and if you’re shopping for the perfect weekend look…

i’m loving what Audrey has in store!


one more day to the weekend darls… hang in there! :)

gaga over gaga's bow?



during my photoshoot on monday, when i randomly bundled my hair into a high bun, i accidentally pushed the centre down and this is what came out of it! so i say, ignore the very overgrown bangs cos this was ever so random a shot.

but the fact is, people are going gaga over LADY GAGA’S big hair bow… even other celebrities have gone gaga!


so much so that people are even selling fake hair bow on eBay!


i haven’t seen anyone spotting the bow here in Singapore…

so, would you wear gaga’s bow?

I've got a Secret Crush!


another great buy from ConversationPcs

Secret Crush Oversized Clutch

“As a low key, price savvy shopper, I like super soft clutch bags that aren’t easily identifiable as a particular designer.

Inexpensive purses in soft faux leather and a smart buckle like these are perfect for the job.

This one also gets better with age. It wrinkles and softens even more.”

Outer features double stitching and studs.

Measures 13″ x 8″ closed.


there are only 4 of these clutches left so grab them before they run out!

send me your orders to enjoy *free shipping to Singapore!

*payment must be made by bank transfer/cheque

vintage luxe


this is a customisation for Leonie that i just completed yesterday…

it’s a bouquet of crocheted flowers in 4 very muted colors…

perfect for that dress that Leonie wants to compliment!

good weekend everyone! :)



my friend Audrey who runs ConversationPcs in Los Angeles is conducting


prices are at their lowest and you cannot afford to miss the good buys!

All items ship directly from LA, and if you don’t have a Paypal account to place orders on the website, simply send me a list of the items you want to purchase, wait for confirmation of availability of items and the total for your order and i’ll take care of the rest!

You’ll be required to make payment by local bank transfer immediately when your order is confirmed.

tata! :)

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