ADV : American Horror Story on mioTV

Remember the post I did some time back in October about the new series American Horror Story on mioTV? Well if you missed the event, here’s a look at what went down that spooky evening! Ooooooooooooo~


Ghostly figures hung from trees, and tombstones were erected with names of the characters from the show. I get goosebumps just looking at the photos, imagine how it would have been in real life!

Spotted : The Latex Guy, also known as Rubber Man. You really have to watch the show to know!

Even cars got into the Halloween mood with bloody stick ons. And of course, FOOD! In true Halloween fashion. I spy finger hotdogs and eyes in the pasta…

How’s that for spooky huh? Don’t forget to check out American Horror Story on Singtel mioTV! xx

this is the funniest thing ever! gosh


kester andrews will always believe that she is better than that but just too stubborn to realise it says: (12:02:18 AM)

” the entire morning i was at home, talking on the phone and around 1, i started packing up to leave the house therefore i placed my cordless in my pocket cause i want to left outside my room. so i went off, dashed to my car and went to plaza sing then i was walking to SMU, i felt a bulge in my left pocket therefore i wondered what is it cause my handphone and mp3 is in my right pocket.

so i tried  to feel the left side… it felt bulky

it was my cordless phone.

i actually brought out my home phone with me…”



SINGAPORE, March 1st – Bobby & Ritz, the notorious club kids widely known for the club chaos that is The Butter Factory, is set to introduce a new online concept store for the local and international online shopping market.

NIGHTVISION ONLINE, a zany disco-outfitters of sorts for free-spirited men and women, will make its solo debut in online retail this March.

Mirroring the duo’s quirky-fun and fashion-forward dress sense, NIGHTVISION will be an uber on-line catalogue presenting the most inspiring, innovative and stupid-fresh top class party clothes for the sickest, illest, dopest, fiercely fashionable club kids, freak power shopaholic enthusiasts, addicts for the dramatic and motherfucking mental dawgs worldwide.

It is jam packed with globally-sourced vintage goodies, eccentric high fashion pieces, super special underground brands and seasonal in-house creations.

The store’s concept embodies the notion of choice in fashion and e-commerce. To adapt to economic changes as well as trends and cultural shifts, and to be nimble enough to navigate uncertain times – all were key concepts for Ritz & Bobby. NIGHTVISION’s featured products will be everchanging but the constant will always be adaptability and fun

The logo and website for NIGHTVISION was designed by UK artist, Tobias Jones , known for his magic on numerous identity and record sleeve work for Does It Offend You Yeah?, Tommy Sparks, No Pain In Pop and Arctic Monkeys.

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