ADV : American Horror Story on mioTV

Remember the post I did some time back in October about the new series American Horror Story on mioTV? Well if you missed the event, here’s a look at what went down that spooky evening! Ooooooooooooo~


Ghostly figures hung from trees, and tombstones were erected with names of the characters from the show. I get goosebumps just looking at the photos, imagine how it would have been in real life!

Spotted : The Latex Guy, also known as Rubber Man. You really have to watch the show to know!

Even cars got into the Halloween mood with bloody stick ons. And of course, FOOD! In true Halloween fashion. I spy finger hotdogs and eyes in the pasta…

How’s that for spooky huh? Don’t forget to check out American Horror Story on Singtel mioTV! xx

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