Back to basics!

Time really flies! It’s been a year since my last blog post and I guess I have abandoned this blog for way too long. 3owls

This trio of owls will be available in a separate post.

Well, Shopify has decided to up it’s monthly rates and I am way too occupied with my day job to manage a proper online store right now so I figured why not go back to where I started? Shopify doesn’t let me access my current inventory, let alone uploaded files and product pages so I have to post everything here from scratch (unless I manage to figure something out!

Speaking of day jobs… I have left Absinthe and am currently waiting to embark on a new adventure at Beni Restaurant at Mandarin Gallery next month! Exciting times ahead!

Just to help you navigate… Just click on “shop handmade” and it will take you to different categories of products like “Apartment” or “Bags”! For a start, I have already uploaded two remaining novelty cupcake containers in the Apartment section!


For now, I’m trying to put as many items as possible in one post so that they’re not too spread out, if anyone has any idea on how to make this more “user-friendly” please do not hesitate to let me know! I must admit I need some time to get used to blogging again after a whole year!

Until the next post! xx



Tuesday's News

i just realised, it’s been hell of a long time since i actually sat down and organised the website. (guilty) so i’m trying to do that this week!

for starters, here are some last grab necklaces!

i’m only left with one remake of each so, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

psssstttt : there are also a couple of new pieces that I’ve just uploaded, prices will be filled in soon!

check out the bracelets if you love vintage inspired pieces!

I’ve put tons on sale! Prices start as low as $12!

I’m also working to expand the Perpetual Spring Collection, but go check out what’s still available from the collection, I’ve put pretty much all of them on sale as well! :)

I’m still updating, re-organising and adding new pieces to the store so keep checking back! Expect to see more new necklaces and new earrings (finally) hopefully by the end of this week!

love, jean

Jeanine Gabrielle @ ECLECTICISM 20% Off Sale!

hey girls!

this should be pretty good news for the weekend! the GSS is ending soon, so be sure to grab the best deals in town!

bottlecap and wood tile rings, bracelets, necklaces, more rings, earrings, pins, brooches, hair accessories, you name it,

they’re all going for 20% less!

…make sure you make a trip down to Eclecticism this weekend!

love, jean


Jeanine Gabrielle goes to the FLEA!


i’m particularly excited cos it’s been ages since i last flea-ed. but there’s an even more exciting reason! it’s the official launch of CHAT! a youth mental health programme. remember Mehbit? that lil green monster i made a few months back? well he’s the official mascot and he’ll be making his first ever public appearance! i can’t wait to see him again… i’ve been seeing his photos popping up on facebook, and he’s looking pretty fab if i may say so myself!

here’s a couple shots of him doing his thing!

anyway, back to the flea itself. i’m going to be there with my stuff! (i’m bringing as much as i can!)


i’m going to be giving away stuff (with a minimum purchase, amount i have not yet decided) but you’ll get to pick your freebie! there are pins, earstuds, earrings, etc. so come early to get first dibs!

if you want to reserve items from the store and pick them up on saturday, please email me by say 5pm on FRIDAY evening. payment should be made by FRIDAY as well. (deposit or full payment)

don’t really have time to say too much, i have to get back to packing.

see you all on saturday!

please come! :)

love, jean

FREE SHIPPING THIS WEEK- Extended up to 6th June!

for the benefit of those who haven’t had time to shop during the week, i’m extending this offer to last over the weekend!

yupppp, i’m celebrating my birthday by offering free shipping this entire week!

please read terms and conditions below :)

i’ve just added almost 30 new items to the store over the past week, and might add more before this promotion ends, so please do take advantage of it! if you’re worried about items selling out but want more time to shop, just drop me and email with the items you’d like to purchase. you can make payment item by item, that way i can hold your order and ship them all at once.

i apologise in advance if i take longer than usual to reply to emails this weekend! i’ll be celebrating my birthday and partying at night, followed by the Maybelline road show on saturday. (hopefully i don’t show up looking like a zombie)

have a fabbbb weekend everyone! :)

lotsa love, jean

The New Collection

…have you seen it?

it’s almost the weekend, and what better time to shop for bright, eye-catching pieces than now?


enter code “bamboopandalove” when ordering to enjoy the offer.

*free shipping by regular mail within Singapore only.

*offer only applicable on orders paid for by bank transfers/cheques only.

( click here to shop now )

love, jean


28th april 225am update :

the problem has been solved! YAY!

if any of you are still experiencing trouble with accessing the store, please let me know! :)

love, jean

i’m experiencing some technical issues with my website ( for some reason, the page just refuses to load! i’m hoping the problem gets fixed soon, otherwise yahoo is gonna be in for a lot of complains from me!

i’m actually thinking of doing a revamp before my 25th birthday… clean up the site and change the look abit… any thoughts on this?

love the artsy fartsy style.. please leave your inputs, i’d love to gather as much feedback as possible before i go ahead with the revamp… and while technology is testing my patience, i did get some work done today… this one’s for Cherlyn! :)

anyhoos, that’ll be all from me for today. i’m feeling quite bumped becos of the website issue…

got a date with my favourite dentist, Ian tomorrow!

not sure if i’m actually looking forward to it but oh well, who can escape a visit to the dentist’s office every once in awhile? grrrrrrr. hope everyone had a better start to the week than i did! :S


hello everyone!

just thought i’d let all of you know i’m gonna be a little slow with email replies this week as i have video shoots on monday morning and another overnight one on tuesday night till wednesday morning. i’ll try to squeeze in as many replies as i can when i get home from monday’s shoot, but please, gimme a little more time than usual to get back to you on all your orders and customisation requests.

thank you in advance! :)

love, jean

Alice in Wonderland

can’t get enough of the movie? a big fan of Alice? well i’m working on some Alice in Wonderland-inspired pieces!

you know i always put up sneaks right?

this one’s a ring…. i’m working on studs too. what else would you girls like to see in store?

i’ve got new earstuds just done too, they’re pretty little daisies and i put a pearl in the centre… haven’t had time to edit the photos yet, so probably by next week. sorry girls, going to church 3 times this week doesn’t make me a very free person. haha sooo please bear with me for a little longer before we kick back into full swing!

loads of new stuff coming up, you heard it here first.

ps : go get a copy of HER WORLD APRIL! one of my necklaces is featured on page 172. awesome! :)

love, jean

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