Alice in Wonderland

can’t get enough of the movie? a big fan of Alice? well i’m working on some Alice in Wonderland-inspired pieces!

you know i always put up sneaks right?

this one’s a ring…. i’m working on studs too. what else would you girls like to see in store?

i’ve got new earstuds just done too, they’re pretty little daisies and i put a pearl in the centre… haven’t had time to edit the photos yet, so probably by next week. sorry girls, going to church 3 times this week doesn’t make me a very free person. haha sooo please bear with me for a little longer before we kick back into full swing!

loads of new stuff coming up, you heard it here first.

ps : go get a copy of HER WORLD APRIL! one of my necklaces is featured on page 172. awesome! :)

love, jean

6 Replies to “Alice in Wonderland”

      1. is it me but i can’t access T_T wanted to get some stuff from there…:(((

      2. hey babe!
        you can email me to order if you know what exactly you want.
        i’m having issues accessing the site too, looking into the problem now! :)

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