i wish this was a choo choo train…

goooooood morning! I’m blogging from my blackberry, on the train for the very first time! trying very hard to keep my balance with the train jerking and everyone swaying, but its really slow to type single-handedly. I really wish this lady next to me would stop bumping into me and flicking her fruity smelling hair in my face.

I’m hungry! (and she just stepped on my toe and flicked her hair at me again. stop already!) I have a blueberry muffin in my bag waiting to be eaten the moment I step out of the station at orchard. and I got powerberries!

 it was between this and red bull, decided to go natural. (I can’t figure out how to add media!!!)  15/11 update + photos : the blueberry muffin wasn’t impressive at all. the ones i baked were wayyyyyy more yummy!

two more stops to go! I hope I won’t be late… (she just kicked my toe! this is getting really annoying)

okay I got to go! blueberry muffin time! ♥

…"moving on"

I’ve always wondered what it really means to move on… I pondered days and nights for months, and I think I’ve found my own understanding of these two small words that carry so much weight.

“Move on, forget about me. You’ll meet someone better”

“Move on, he’s not worth your time.”

You can tell someone to move on, but whether he/she decides to, is ultimately a personal choice. Moving on, doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone.

For months, when the words “move on” came up, I’d get scared and fear the future which had gotten so hazy. Would I be wrong to assume that we’re all afraid of moving on? The thought of shelving memories is enough to make us cringe. Fearing solitude, we fight to hang on to the memories, hoping something will change, but the truth is, it won’t. Things that have happened will never change. Holding on to mistakes isn’t going to make everything right, and somehow, I saw the light.

I had been so afraid of “moving on” because everyone made it seem like that was the end of everything. But no, it was in fact the beginning.

Moving on doesn’t mean shelving memories and severing ties. Moving on doesn’t mean it’s the end. Perhaps we shouldn’t use the term moving on, but moving forward instead? It sure sounds a little less intimidating. Moving on, for me, was letting go of the pain. For months I was holding on to someone else’s mistakes, and my own too.

The fact is that nothing gets better if you insist on sitting on a nest of rotten eggs. They’re just going to deteriorate even more. Accept that things have come to be the way they are, pick yourself up and try again.

Move forward, and embrace the new chances that are waiting ahead. Things only get better if you let them. Let go of past hurts, cos only then will love and happiness have space to reside in your ♥..

The moment I decided to let everything go, it felt like I was born again. Freed from the chains that were weighing me down, I felt like I was ready to live my life proper, looking only to the future.

It is true what they say, you need to learn to let go of everything, in order to hold on to the things that really matter, and decide if they are indeed worth holding onto..


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