The World Through A New Lens.

I’ve been wanting to get a camera “upgrade” for the longest time. I’ve used two Canon cameras consecutively, but since I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 over a year ago, my 16 megapixel Canon digital camera seemed to fail in comparison to the S3’s 8 megapixel camera.

After much consideration and bouncing between Samsung’s WB800 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera for weeks, I finally picked my new photo companion, the Samsung Galaxy Camera! If you’re considering getting one too, perhaps this post will give you an idea of what you’re getting. I am very glad I picked the Galaxy camera, I’m looking for every opportunity to whip it out and snap away!


( Shot indoors at night, edited with PhotoWonder, saved as medium .png file )

I was excited about the “Beauty Face” mode but now I’m not too sure, mainly because it airbrushes your face a wee bit too much. If you’re looking for a more natural way to even out your facial flaws, you might want to shoot on normal mode and do edits later. PhotoWonder lets you choose different levels of smoothing out flaws, and it packs quite a few awesome filters too. I was about to complain about it reducing my file sizes and image quality so drastically BUT! I just realised that there are actually file-saving options, between saving as .png or .jpg and from small to x-large files. I’m not sure if it would work for edits or only photos taken with PhotoWonder’s filter camera so I definitely need to find time to figure it out.


( Image quality after going through PhotoWonder edits and upload to Instagram )

The day after I got the camera I went outside to take some photos of some of the pretty flowers Mummy has. If I remember correctly, I used the Smart Macro and Landscape modes for these shots, they need no editing whatsoever, I’ve only cropped and downsized them for uploading purposes. Enjoy! :)


A close up of a bunch of Hydrangeas, aren’t they just lovely?


These are just budding and they look so pretty!


Bougainvilleas got caught in between the Hydrangeas.



Spotted this little butterfly outside the study window yesterday so I grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots. These were all taken with at least 4-5x zoom and they still came out great! I cropped the photo above to focus more on the butterfly, the photo below gives you a good gauge of just how much I cropped off.



There were two! I tried to capture a slow motion video but they didn’t stay around long enough, maybe next time! xx

Simi, Siri?

Needed some amusement today so I was listening to this again. Cracks me up everytime! I know some of you aren’t from Singapore, so I don’t know if you’ve heard of “Singlish”, it’s basically, Singaporean English.

Enjoy! xx

the girl in the red dress.

Last night over dinner and drinks we were talking about Halloween outfits. I remembered I had face paint leftover from earlier this year when I did Fash Mob at The Butter Factory so I started looking for it when I got home. Also remembered I have my sister’s red wedding night gown.

I think this looks pretty convincing actually. Especially if people have been following news of the body of the woman found dead in a red dress? Spooky. But it’s really easy tho, you just need red face paint and blue/black eyeshadow and lots of guts to look all gory. xx


doodly doodling doodles

my current blackberry wallpaper! ♥

can’t remember when i drew this but yea, i just realised it makes a pretty wallpaper. my moleskine is full of random doodles, i doodle when i’m bored, i write chunks of “philosophical” nonsense when i’m feeling emo… but anyhoos, feel free to download and use it on your phone. pretty things are meant to be shared, right? :)

time is flying by so quickly these days… maybe cos i’ve been busy with media events this week.. partied when i said i wouldn’t party.. which explains why i’m home on a friday night. (okay technically already saturday morning) and i’m being miss goody two shoes! …like i said earlier in the week,

when clubbing threatens to render you unproductive, a choice has to be made.

for me right now, the parties have to take the back seat. have a fantastic weekend ya’ll! ♥

it’s a digital world, baby.

just a little but significant observation i made last night on the way home… the response got me thinking hard.

texting becomes “free”, the more you use bbm and whatsapp to communicate, the more worthwhile your mobile plan pans out to be. it’s like being on msn perpetually, you don’t even have to sign in and out, it’s too easy.

so i read jeremy’s comments, and the sheer thought of what he said started to manifest into a fear. seriously, we’re texting all the time, over time we grow more attached to the people we text as compared to the ones next to us. *guilty. i have a tendency to leave my phone on the table, text during meals cos my friends are always having a convo. but we get so caught up, we hardly think about the effects it has on our relationships… sigh.

i mean, i’ve seen tons of couples on public transportation, each playing games on their phones, does quality time not matter to anyone anymore? are our phones better sources of company that override heart to heart talks with our partners about how the day went by? is topping our top score and unlocking a new virtual badge all we care about?

have we really fallen victim to technology? would we really be nothing without it? not just instant messaging, with things like twitter, foursquare, location tagging features, are we letting technological advancements control and ruin our relationships?

….a penny for your thoughts everyone

You're So Grey.

soooo i was kinda bored and wanted to change my facebook profile photo so i started messing around with photoshop yesterday… since i have these two photos stuck on the wall in front of me, they became the obvious choice.

sometimes i feel like i miss modelling but yea… these days my schedule barely allows me any free time at all, not to mention time to do shoots…

TGIF! ♥ jean

Triple Trouble!

I’ve been meaning to change the blog header for some time now, but i just haven’t had the time or brain juice to do it the past couple of weeks… today i decided i was gonna sit down and squeeze something out… and ended up being really undecided between these 3 designs…

the first… i came to the conclusion it was way too narcissistic for my own liking…

the second… which is what i’m using now!

but yea i just had to move the photos around and got this 3rd one, which april says “the panda is in a weird position”

thoughts anyone? should i stick to the 2nd design? or should i tweak it still? i’m seriously killing lots of brain cells doing this! lol!

all photos used were taken by Neng. except for Po’s which was from photobooth…

♥ jean

Wishing on 11:11

does wishing on 11:11 really make your wishes come true?

I’ve been seeing 11:11 way too much of late.

Googling it sorta freaks me out cos of all the different spiritual theories behind 11:11… While it could really just be something that’s been over speculated, the fact is there’s only two times in a day when you decide to look at the time and realise it’s 11:11, considering there are 1440 minutes per day, technically giving you 1440 chances to look at the time, what are the odds?

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