it’s a digital world, baby.

just a little but significant observation i made last night on the way home… the response got me thinking hard.

texting becomes “free”, the more you use bbm and whatsapp to communicate, the more worthwhile your mobile plan pans out to be. it’s like being on msn perpetually, you don’t even have to sign in and out, it’s too easy.

so i read jeremy’s comments, and the sheer thought of what he said started to manifest into a fear. seriously, we’re texting all the time, over time we grow more attached to the people we text as compared to the ones next to us. *guilty. i have a tendency to leave my phone on the table, text during meals cos my friends are always having a convo. but we get so caught up, we hardly think about the effects it has on our relationships… sigh.

i mean, i’ve seen tons of couples on public transportation, each playing games on their phones, does quality time not matter to anyone anymore? are our phones better sources of company that override heart to heart talks with our partners about how the day went by? is topping our top score and unlocking a new virtual badge all we care about?

have we really fallen victim to technology? would we really be nothing without it? not just instant messaging, with things like twitter, foursquare, location tagging features, are we letting technological advancements control and ruin our relationships?

….a penny for your thoughts everyone

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