Sponsored Review : Liese Free Arrange & Super Hard Hair Spray

This is my “re-encounter” with hair spray after years of telling myself I’ll never use it. Can Liese’s Free Arrange and Super Hard hair sprays change the stereotypical impression I have about hair sprays?


For years I’ve been an “anti-hair spray” and no hair wax kind of person. I hate hair spray, I hate hair wax, period.


First of all, my overall impression of hair spray is that it gives you a headache. The smell really has a way of getting in your head, and being subjected to inhaling whiffs of my mum’s hair spray for years? No thanks. Secondly, hair spray is a total pain to wash out, especially if you have long hair, expect to wash twice and condition to untangle all those knots! You can’t really run your fingers through your hair, and when you accidentally do that, you get sticky fingers. Eww.

So, why am I doing a review on hair spray if I hate hair spray THAT much? Let’s just say I was curious as to how much the “technology” behind hair spray has evolved since I swore to never let it get near my hair.


Liese’s Free Arrange hair spray and the Super Hard are similar, but different.

The Free Arrange gives you a 3D hold, ultra fluffy hair, more volume and holds gentle waves. As its name suggests, you can rearrange your hair throughout the day!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.47.43 PM

Unlike other hair sprays and hair waxes, it will not stick to your fingers! This is due to a unique self-bonding polymer that only sticks to itself, and not your fingers, leaving your hair silky smooth and dry. The Free Arrange hair spray can be used on pretty much all hair types, and can help you achieve a very wide range of looks.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 8.54.54 PM

The Super Hard on the other hand is more suitable for those who want to set really defined curls, control flyways, set bangs in place so you’ll have perfect bangs all day that don’t “split” without you knowing, and to create a lot of volume at the roots (think up-dos). Also, if you have really BIG hair, frizzy, that’s way too out there for your liking, the Super Hard can reduce volume too!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.29.20 PM

Basically, I’d call this a heavy duty hair spray. Your curls won’t budge even if you run or get caught in windy weather conditions. Since I’m not big on huge curls and don’t really dig the idea of having hair that’s hard to the touch, I’m totally leaning towards the Free Arrange hair spray.

Okay so me, being “anti-hair spray” all along, I decided to go with something completely idiot-proof! If I can do it you can too!

This is me, most days.


This is without any hair products at all, thus the insane amount of flyways. Usually I use Asience’s Leave-on Treatment Range which gives you nice shiny hair, but since I’m going to have hairspray all over, I skipped that. Mainly cause I don’t like having a ton of stuff in my hair, and, I figured it might affect the effectiveness of the hairspray.


First, decide how you want to part your hair. Centre, side, it’s up to you but I like to do a zig-zag pattern cause straight lines are just boring. Doing this also allows you to add more volume at the roots!



Grab a bunch of hair, and twist. You can skip the twisting part if you just want defined bunches of hair for a wispy look, but I find twisting gives the bunches a very subtle curling effect. Once you’re happy with your twisty, grab that hairspray! Then repeat with more bunches until you’re done.

Once you’ve completed your entire head of hair, gently “split” the twisted bunches and twist a bit more. You might want to lightly “shake” the bunch to loosen the bunch. I know a video would have been more self-explanatory but… Maybe this tutorial from Liese can help! It’s similar, but they use a curling iron first.

>> How to get defined hair bundles <<

Anyways, if you managed to follow my “tutorial”, you’ll end up with something like….



A side by side for comparison’s sake. It’s two different looks! I reckon the after look would be party and date perfect hair, BUT! I am still not used to not being able to run my fingers through my hair whenever I want. I must say though, Liese’s hairspray has managed to change my opinion of hairsprays. In the past I remember having to double wash my hair + condition just to get all that sticky gooey yucky stuff out, but not with this! Everything washes out well with a single wash. And for the record, neither of the hair sprays gave me a headache, they have rather pleasant fruity scents to boot!

As much as I love having curls in my hair from time to time, I still prefer having soft touchable hair compared to stiffly fixed hair. At least I know what I can use if I do decide to do something different with my hair.

Get more styling tips from Liese :


My first attempt at video on IG! I couldn’t embed it directly from Instagram so I uploaded it to Youtube and added audio. Have you tried the video function? :)


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