Stuff my stockings with cosies!

Christmas is coming and if you’re looking for gifts to give, which I’m sure you are, why not give a cosy? You can’t go wrong with these cos everyone has a phone. Girls especially like carrying stuff in style, that also includes their phones. So she’s got the latest iPhone, get her a pretty cosy to keep it snuggly! :)The poppy field series!

These are card cosies, which can only be custom made to fit any phone model. See these and other cosies in store now! Pssttt! Lots of designs reduced to clear! xx

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Finds For Friends : Customised Rings

Was working on a pair of these earlier for Charmaine. They’re BFF rings for her friend who is leaving to study overseas. Hopefully these rings will remind them both of their friendship, and that distance will not come in between them. :)

Bottlecap ring customisations are also very popular and make bolder, quirkier-looking accessories.

>> Click here << to view more customisation ideas on Facebook. Remember to send in your Christmas orders early to avoid the rush! xx

Finds for Friends : Customised Keyrings!

Christmas is just around the corner, and along with festive cheer comes the much dreaded gift-giving dilemma!

Customised gifts make for a more personal touch, they’re also much more appreciated than regular store bought gifts. If you’re interested in getting gifts customised for friends this holiday season, do order ahead of time to avoid the rush! This also allows me ample time to make your gifts perfect. :)

Here are just some examples of what can be done. This lot features names and icons that represent what each person likes or can relate to.

Customised rings, necklaces, bracelets, earstuds, plush toys and more are also available. Prices will vary depending on your design and quantity purchased.

For more customisation ideas, check out my customisations album on Facebook >> > > > here < < < <<

See what else is available in store at Jeanine Gabrielle

If you have any questions/enquiries, please feel free to email me at

finds for friends : sushi!

This week, introducing fff! Need a gift for a friend but have no idea what to get? I’ll be putting together items from the store in a weekly (hopefully), “finds for friends” post. This week, it’s……  Sushi!

top row: ♥ hama sushi earstuds S$8/pair ♥ handsewn felt sushi pin set S$10  bottom row : ♥ tuna sushi pin $8 ♥ hama sushi rings small $6 large $7

I’m still in the midst of putting together the new hama collection, I should be ready to release the collection next week! xx

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