Bamboo or Bamboo Fun?

i’ve long wanted a writing tablet… i really really would love a writing tablet.

i want to be able to draw whatever i want digitally and not scribble on paper and lose them within a day…

and ever since Neng showed me how useful a writing tablet is in digital imaging,  I JUST GOTTA HAVE A WRITING TABLET!

will someone buy me a writing tablet, PLEASE?

Picture 3

to be honest i’m leaning more towards bamboo fun… it sounds more fun?


how’s that for a choice justification?

Picture 7

who’s for bamboo and who’s for FUN? hmmmmm?

tuesday love…

i remember this girl who came up to me at The Butter Factory some time last year and handed me a piece of paper…

it had her email address written on it, cos i had photos of her in my camera…

see eva, i still remember! :)

Picture 4

thanks for putting up that blog post for me, it’s so nice to see my stuff on customer’s blogs!

really kicked off my tuesday morning :)

eva’s a real sweetheart, she even bought me these for my birthday!


gosh, i’m speechless. i feel so loved! thanks eva!


it’s 320am on a tuesday morning and Ben has fallen asleep on the other end of the line on Skype, so i might as well share with you what’s in my shopping bag right now! :)

ps : i don’t mind if anyone would like to pay for them as my birthday pressie? heh heh

Picture 3

Kensington Park Dress USD$36

this dress is a real darling! even tho it looks abit like the “rose plummet” dress i got last week from The Closet Lover, i just couldn’t resist this!


Picture 4

One Arm Bandit Dress USD$36

if you haven’t already heard, the one shoulder dress look is here to stay!


both dresses, and more can be found at!


gosh, i need a Benefit fix really soon!


I just created a wishlist! not like anyone is gonna buy me anything? :(

but if you want to see what’s on my wishlist, and would consider buying me my birthday present, go to :

and under WISH LIST, enter my email and you’ll see the whole list of stuff that i want to get my hands on!

but but, if you are a girl and you love Benefit like me, you’d be happy to know that it’s way cheaper buying it online than off the counters here in Singapore! THEREFORE, if you’d like to order online with me please let me know!


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