do you think you'll ever date another DJ after ben?

honestly, i have no idea.
i mean, i don’t want to rule out the possibility entirely, but dating a DJ isn’t as "awesome" as people might think. there are a lot of things to deal with, it’s like an "emotional warfare"… so unless he’s fully grounded (emotionally), i’m leaning more towards a no.

it’s not just DJs, i guess people who are in the music/creative industry are "messed up" to a certain extent. (if you know what i mean, otherwise don’t try guessing.)

but then again, on a side note, the guys i’ve gone out with the past few years are mainly from this industry. (sad but true) :/

ask me anything, but please, keep it real.

what's your favourite fragrance?

mmmm, i don’t really have a favourite right now.
i just exhausted my bottle of chanel chance, so i’m alternating between vera wang’s princess & salvatore ferragamo’s shine incanto.

the next one i’m getting would be jean paul gaultier’s classique, the scent is fast growing on me and the sample my friend gave me will probably only last one more day out.

ask me anything, but please, keep it real.

hello! i saw your food posts and everything looks yummy! where did you learn to cook?

i didn’t major in culinary. we had 6 months of culinary training back in school when i was doing my dip in hospitality management but that’s about it. don’t think home econs really counts? lol. well i just browse lots of recipes & learn a bit from my mum but we have totally different cooking styles, i’m more western and i bake a whole lot more than she does. :)

ask me anything, but please, keep it real.

what do you look for in a guy?

hmmmmm tough question!
i don’t really look for particular qualities in guys, at least not consciously.
of course, the typical pre-requisites apply, but for me, if we click we click!

i must say tho i do appreciate a good level of wittiness in a guy. i get bored easily so he has to be able to hold my attention. i’ve never dated geeky, nerdy guys.. don’t think i ever will cos they can’t keep up with my lifestyle, and i’ve been told i can be "too much to handle". (whatever that means.)

i guess we’d have to be on par on an intellectual level as well, communication is very important so being on the same bandwidth would probably help a lot in understanding each other. there’s nothing worse than miscommunications & having your intentions misunderstood.

ask me anything, but please, keep it real.

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