what do you look for in a guy?

hmmmmm tough question!
i don’t really look for particular qualities in guys, at least not consciously.
of course, the typical pre-requisites apply, but for me, if we click we click!

i must say tho i do appreciate a good level of wittiness in a guy. i get bored easily so he has to be able to hold my attention. i’ve never dated geeky, nerdy guys.. don’t think i ever will cos they can’t keep up with my lifestyle, and i’ve been told i can be "too much to handle". (whatever that means.)

i guess we’d have to be on par on an intellectual level as well, communication is very important so being on the same bandwidth would probably help a lot in understanding each other. there’s nothing worse than miscommunications & having your intentions misunderstood.

ask me anything, but please, keep it real.

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