A night out with Coach…

Just a couple of random snaps from “A night out with Coach” a couple weeks back.

OOTD : Daisy set from The Juice Market / Knit from Topshop / Jeffery Campbell-inspired boots from Xquisis

Straw clutch from one of my online hauls from Cotton On, Rubi. Believe it or not I was so lucky to have snagged it for just $5! The blue eyed fox bag charm is handmade by me. Totally blends in with the clutch like they were made for each other.

The Madison Collection. I was quite tempted, but decided in the end the bag itself is pretty weighty, by the time I put all my stuff in there it’s going to weigh a ton. Therefore $1k is safe.

$610 for the tan satchel if I remember correctly. It’s a reasonable price for Coach, but thinking over, who would even know it’s Coach? As much as I was really thinking about this one, I’ve seen similar-looking bags selling for under $50.

Feast your eyes on candy colored wristlets.. and…

Coolest store guy ever. :)

And what do you know, the weekend has come and gone, AGAIN! Have a great week ahead ya’ll! It’s going to be another crazy week for me. Laters! xx

A sneak peek into 2013 bags

About two weeks back I had the opportunity to sneak a peek into the future….

The bags of 2013!

One of the function rooms of The Gallery Hotel was turned into a bag heaven, literally. 5 exciting Italian labels were showcased – Braccialini, Gherardini, Gabs, Araldi (Men’s) and Tintamar. I probably can’t talk about everything otherwise this post would go on forever, so I’ll show you bits and pieces and what I really dig!

– Gabs –

What do you feel like today? Sexy, or modest? These “Transformer Bags” from Gabs turned me into a kid in a candy store. Not only can you change the “designs” on the bag, they also morph into three different shapes with a few snap buttons! (See my video at the end of this post as I TRY to show you the different shapes)

Two of my favourite bags from Gabs! I soooo want one, but they’re only out next year! :(

How can you resist that adorable puppy face?

More Gabs bags!

And the smaller things. Color me happy indeed!

Totally loveeeeee the Holga clutch! Perfect for photos where you want to hide your face. Can you tell I’m already being really biased? The Gabs Collection topped my favorites list! The fact that it’s “Gabs” probably contributed to that too… Gabs, Gabrielle… get it? ^_^

– Tintamar –

Tintamar bags, in a word – FUNCTIONAL.

That grey bag on the right is 3 bags in one. A day bag, a detachable laptop carry bag, and an evening clutch. Now that’s what I call functional.

The range boasts of all sorts of bags we need to stay organised, including bag organisers in super candy colors. I LIKE.

– Gherardini –

These, are by Gherardini. More suited for the mature woman, I’d like to think I am not suited to rock these just yet. Nonetheless, a simple yet chic collection for mummies with good taste. There are more bags I need to show you!

– Tua by Braccialini –

These bags were made for the young, and the young at heart. This puppy messenger bag was another one that made me go AWWWW. Perfect for the creative girl on the go! If you like your bags bold and quirky, you’ll love Tua.

Fancy a scene?

Braccialini Temi Collection – SS2013

While Tua features more quirky bags, the Braccialini range is rather different..

I particularly love this simple leather tote. Simple, chic, no messy details, just a nice neat tote that’ll fit everything. Another one on the “WANTED LIST”.

– Araldi for Men –

Araldi – dubbed as the “Belt Heaven” will be hitting local shores in Dec 2012 / Jan 2013. This novel concept will be a first in Asia with over 250 ‘mix-and-match’ options for luxury offerings for men’s belts, shoes and bags, tailored to the needs of the stylish modern man.

They say an Italian man’s shoes must always match his belt…

Now remember the video I promised? Here it is. Please forgive my incredibly amateur “editing”. I don’t even know if the annotations were saved properly but oh well, knock yourselves out!

And there it is… your sneak peek into 2013! And this was probably my longest post with the most photo content. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it! Enjoy the long weekend! :) xx

All bags featured in this post will be available at Galleria Italiana. Check out their Facebook page!

Galleria Italiana is located at #02-28 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, and is open from Monday to Sunday 11:30am to 9pm. For retail inquiries, please call (65) 68846128

"A Girls' Day Out" @ Häagen-Dazs

Yesterday I was invited to attend Girls’ Day Out at Häagen-Dazs’ Holland Village branch, but it was also daddy’s birthday, so I decided to bring the family  for an afternoon out instead. :)

Soooo… Who do I look like? Mummy or daddy?

We were served the High Tea Affair set, $38++ which consists of….

3 mini scoops each of Cookie Dough Chip, Belgian Chocolate (YUM), & Strawberry ice cream. Followed by….

6 delicate ice cream macaroons. The macadamia nut brittle with orange cream one was a favourite across the board. If you like something unusual, it would be the green tea one. I’m still not quite used to tasting green tea in anything else other than, well, tea.

Lastly, this will put a smile on those of you who are health-conscious! A plateful of succulent kiwis, raspberries & grapes.

Now, what is melty & crunchy all at once?

Petite Temptations, priced at $18++ comes with chunks of buttery cookie dough & sweet fudge chips hidden in folds of the finest Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, accompanied by drizzles of mango & chocolate sauce.

If you’re craving for just macaroons alone, order the Macaroon Mélange, $18++.  Enjoy an assortment of 5 ice cream macaroons containing creamy, luscious ice cream and Chantilly cream encased in a chocolate shell, served with almond nibs & strawberries.


The High Tea Affair, ice cream macaroons & limited edition Petite Temptations creation are available at all Häagen-Dazs shops nationwide until the 31st of May 2012. We had a great afternoon at Häagen-Dazs, I’m sure you will too! xx

incase x andy warhol at a curious teepee

also spotted : the non-warhols, but still worth a snap shot.I cannot agree more.

I had a feeling I would run into someone, but obviously, I had no idea who that someone was until I actually met him/her. Mystery solved, I ran into Jon who is director of Cookpad at A Curious Teepee. Cookpad is a really nifty recipe go-to site. Go check it out if you need some kitchen inspiration, fool-proof instructions included.

Will share human photos from the event when I get them.

Baskin Robbins now at Velocity @ Novena Square!

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

this is the best piece of news for all you ice cream fanatics! Baskin Robbins, which has the world’s largest chain of ice cream speciality shops has officially launched it’s second store in Singapore! conveniently located at Velocity @ Novena Square, this is also Baskin Robbin’s 4,000th store! (*gasps)

Baskin Robbin’s International President, Mr. Srinivas Kumar (right)

the event was hosted by none other than Singapore’s favourite SPG, Barbarella from The Noose! i bet ed was star-struck that day, and spongebob must have been too! :P


our taste buds had a ball sampling the 31 flavors available. we didn’t manage to try all 31 but we did pick a few favourites! the cotton candy flavor was particularly impressive, it’s amazing how they managed to capture the exact same taste of cotton candy. takes you right back to the carnival days!

we created a milk shake which ed calls the “chocolate kamikaze”, it’s basically a mix of green tea & chocolate. before you start frowning in doubt, trust me, it was really good!


…ed with the winning combi & spongebob getting a taste of the chocolate kamikaze!

apart from ice cream & shakes, Baskin Robbins also specialises in customisable cakes for all occasions!

you get to make your cake from scratch! simply choose between the devil’s food chocolate cake and a white sponge cake, and pair it with practically any Baskin Robbin’s ice cream flavor! it’s sooooo exciting i can’t wait to try! whose birthday is up next?

these sundaes are only available in singapore! at $9.50 for a single scoop & $10.50 for a double, you’d be quite silly to go or a single scoop. doubles for the win! :D and as if a free flow of ice cream all night wasn’t enough, we were presented with a bag full of goodies! (jumps around like a happy kid!)

just what we needed to take quick notes! not like we actually did. the ice cream sampling was keeping us well busy. i can’t bear to use the neon pink pencil, it’s so.. PINK! i spy with my little eye coupons for more free ice cream… anyone up for an ice cream date? :P

Baskin Robbins is located at Velocity @ Novena Square, #01-72/73 & Clementi Mall, 04-K1/K2. For more information, visit www.baskinrobbins.com.sg

here’s something i’ll remember for a long time :)

how often do you get a celebrity scooping you ice cream? we were soooo lucky! ed found another video taken by someone else and we got caught on camera!

see it in ed’s post on cinnamonsin below! :)

Baskin Robbins / Kenny Rogers (Velocity) ED: So we made our way to Baskin Robins and the event started already! Luckily Jeanine had media invites so we got free goodie bags! Which has totally awesome contents! (pst got a freeee Banana Royale and a freeee pint vouchers leh!! ha I’m Singaporean too k so i also like free stuff) we were also entitled to ALL WE CAN EAT ICE-CREAM OMFG plus we were given a chance at the milkshake making contest! That aside, guess who I met there! That’s rightt … Read More

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