friday night.

I have two blog reviews due tomorrow, Butter tonight for Robin’s birthday and brunch at Sauce on Sunday before church. Either I finish both posts today or………. Actually, I don’t really have much of a choice now, do I?

Was trying to blog one of two reviews last night, but I ended up having a tad too much wine and I just wanted to go to bed. Been losing lots of sleep lately, and I know exactly who is to blame. :)

At least I finished his Arthur. xx

random meows.

Oh did I mention I’ll be adding a new “section” soon? SAMPLE SALES!

For my try outs and first attempts that aren’t quite up to store standards due to a flaw or two, to be snagged at pretty ridiculous prices. More news on my facebook page soon-ish.

We’re having quite a bit of fun with Arthur, although I really have no clue where he’s been the whole week, I guess the fun is in the mystery.

 At first I thought he was in trouble, but he was later spotted enjoying himself at a thai bbq/steamboat.

 Spotted on Thursday evening, locations unknown. (Source : Kidnappers)

Got twitter? Search #whereisarthurthecat

Arthur goes to work.

A little cat in the big city.

While the original Arthur is busy enjoying life away from me, I’ll be working on a series of Arthurs! Yes, I’m selling these, pretty excited actually cos I’ve always wanted to be sewing more.

I’m finally working on a new “section” of the store, things for the home. Novelty decorations, ornaments, plushies, anything and everything that belongs in a home or office for that matter. Things that will bring cheer and warm your heart.

Meet Bookworm Arthur!

Books included. Price to be advised.

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