♥ pandas?

i’ve got new ones! THREE OF THEM!

actually make that four including the baby. oh wait noooo five! i got a coin purse too, couldn’t resist. too cute!

ben bought me the really HUGE one. he calls it balloon, cos really, he does look like an inflated panda balloon!

the one on the far right is actually a bag, not that i’m going to use it, i can barely fit my phone in there, which gives me a good idea… i can use it as a phone holder on my bed! now i won’t have to scamper and search for my phone in the morning when the alarm goes off! :P

i haven’t really told anyone, but i’ve been trying something new over the past few days… needle felting! it’s not exactly the easiest of crafts, and you really need to focus otherwise you’ll end up pricking yourself with the needle constantly. (Which i have suffered) but the outcome is well worth the multiple pricks! :)

yup, he’s that tiny! not bad for a beginner? *grins*

anyhoos, i’ve made quite a few critters so far, and i’ve put 2 of them on rings…

they’ll be up for sale soon! (once i figure out how much they should sell for)

if you’re interested to take them home, feel free to drop me an email/comment, they’re looking for someone who’ll love them and shower them with lotsa love! :)

love, jean

Sneeezy Wednesday

so many things to do and i’m so unmotivated to get them done :(

woke up with a runny nose and i’ve been sneezing ALOT! took one of those cold tablets and as usual, it’s making me really really drowsy…

anyway, meet my new parrot friend. (he’ll be up for sale soon)

it was originally full brass, but i saw this tropical parrot charm from Juicy Couture and decided i would paint the parrot and bring it to life! and i did earrings too!

okay not really anywhere near Juicy but still adorable i reckon! see more of Trippy the parrot soon! (how’s Trippy for a parrot name?)


speaking of which, i made a new bracelet today!

the font i used for “Love” is soooooo Juicy Couture!

and a really cute necklace…

i think i’m getting back into the swing of things, finally… about time too

all these and lots more new items should be up for sale soon! so don’t go too far.

love, jean


…i’m such a person.

if i see something i really really want, but can’t get it at that point, i will find a way to get it by hook or by crook.

so, we were at Butter last week and i saw this group of people with awesome animal hats, and then i spotted a panda one! i didn’t know that bunch so it’d be weird if i asked them, plus they were kinda… drunk, i think. so i told ben, but he was too busy to bother about my “i want that panda hat!”

so the next day i started looking for it online…. and guess what? my efforts paid off and i found the exact same one online! already ordered and paid for. i’m having it shipped to Audrey in CA tho cos shipping directly to singapore is gonna kill me.


ben wants to kill me for shopping so much too, but he did say “i’ll find it and buy for you, k?”

so…. hahaha he can’t kill me this time! …why would he anyway? the panda is soooo adorable! :P

on a seperate note, is anyone interested in purchasing BENEFIT COSMETICS? i’m ordering in from the USA cos it’s way cheaper than getting it in stores here. for example, CORALISTA, which is a cheek color retails for S$58 here and guess how much it is online?

USD$28 = S$39 (as of now)

see, singapore stores are ripping us off! it’s $19 more to get it instores here than online! it’s insane! for those who never knew about the price difference, well, now you do!

i’m gonna be ordering my stuff by this week so if anyone is interested, please leave a comment or email me with the items you want to get.

i’m gonna go back to abit more sewing now! the SPRING 2010 collection is looking pretty darn fab!

one more day to the weekend!

Buttered Week!

someone please tell me it isn’t friday already… BUT IT IS, ISN’T IT?

i can’t believe the whole week flew by just like that… people have come and gone, too.

wednesday as we all know it, BUTTER COOKIES at The Butter Factory. it’s been awhile since i’ve gone to butter come to think of it… and wednesday was pretty awesome :) but first, we had dinner at Overeasy! can’t have a meal there without an order of our favourite sliders. pity we got there late, the STI had closed lower that day and the sliders were going for $1 each before 7pm! grrrrrrrr

i had my jumbo prawns, but i realise i’m sorta losing the love for that dish…

and then my good old friend Jones came down for an after-work drink with me! he was the first one that night to “complain” about how much weight i’ve lost… >_<

remember this photo! this was like 11pm, before i had anything to drink.

100% SOBER.

( and before my makeup totally got messed up, you’ll see )

DJ Andrew T, aka Handsome T. that’s ben’s brother by the way, blood brother!

MC Tech One and DJ Edo in Bump. and that’s Willis in the back btw.

bump was insanely, well, BUMPED! squeezing through from the VIP exit to the dj console took me more than 5 minutes each time i swear! sheeeeeeesh. hot, sweaty bodies all around. it was so much more comfortable in fash…

gosh, half of ben’s head is gone… cool huh? i see my long island tea….

and ben found some new “Fans”!

i think they did tell me their names, but gosh i just can’t quite remember… but but but! if my drunken memory serves me correctly, the girl should be… Laura? Laura is that you???

( click here to go see the “you’re the best DJ of all time” video on facebook! )

okay, remember the earlier photo at 11pm? now the next photo was taken at past 3am… after maybe like, 4 or 5 rum and pineapples, long island tea and some straight from the bottle i don’t know what…

here’s eka and meee

i think i was still pretty much alive actually!

and eka got me BAILEYS chocolate as a farewell gift… i’m not going anywhere. he’s actually left for Perth already.

thanks eka! (for the little note too) anddd as of now….out of the 19 pieces of chocolate, i’ve already eaten 3.

and then… i made it home by 5am cos we went to SPIZE. and guess what?

on thursday night, we went to Butter, AGAIN!

it was “THE PULL”, some singles night. we didn’t stay long tho… left after ONE drink, cos ben had to go back to camp…. NS WOES!

so here’s a last one of the boys….

ben, edo, willis…

anyway, possibly one of my favourite dresses at the moment….

another outfit by ClubCouture, it’s the Piper’s Lace Dress :) want one for yourself?

( click here to go check it out )

and don’t forget to enter the code JEANINE15 at checkout to get 15% off your order!

that’s all for now, toooodles!

The Paper Bunny

i folded an origami bunny and put it in Baileys’ cage… at first he was quite amused, but after it got flattened, he’s been tearing at it like it’s just another piece of yesterday’s news….

i put it on his litter box, he got up, went to the litter box, pushed the paper bunny off the litter box and went back to lie down. how cute can he get? :)

anyways, i just finished a 700-word Valentine’s Day “write-up” for Channel News Asia… gosh i’m glad i managed to finish it… i just wanna chill the whole of wednesday! okay maybe not, i still have another interview to finish up… and i haven’t gotten started yet!

focus jeanine focus! >_<


okay so i was Chic Girl of the week, and my photo made it to the latest issue of CHIC, along with the first 13 Chic Girls of the day!

page 80! :)

this isn’t a good photo… please go grab a copy, it’s only $2.80!

that photo was taken last year, and i have changed since then! well, my hair at least…

random ootd.

it’s from cotton on by the way. i shop for practically everything there. totally love it. i get tank tops for like $5 each when they’re on sale! talk about great deals! xx



thanks to all 158 of you for your votes, i’ve been “crowned” CHIC GIRL OF THE WEEK!

looks like 2010 has kicked off well, it’s only the third week of Jan!

thank you all again, and stick around for more!

ps : i’ll be bringing home my new bunny later today… everyone get ready to meet Baileys! :)

( he’s a lionhead rabbit! )

love, jean

Meet Goldilocks!

my bag is from The Purse Heaven!

mention “Jeanine” when making an order to enjoy 5% off your entire purchase! :)

( click here to visit The Purse Heaven )

i loveeeeeee my dress. it’s from CLUBCOUTURE by the way, if you like it go check the website, it should still be available. the cardi too!

it’s got really pretty frilly flowers on it…

okay back to work. got lots to do… by the way, i was nominated as 9th January’s CHIC GIRL OF THE DAY! voting for week 2 will begin on the 14th of January, please vote for me then? :)

love, jean

weekend newbies!

whether you’re looking for something simple and pretty with a touch of vintage, or something bright and cheery, i hope these weekend new adds will entice you! :)

details will be added once they’re up on the website, but please feel free to enquire.

(my room’s in a mad mess right now so i’m quite caught in between getting my room organized and updating the website… boo! )

( omg my favourite pandas! )

( mr bump earstuds are $8 a pair )

…anyone want to buy big bird?

he’s brand new and has never been played with. he’s been hiding in a box with all the other toys all this while… i really need to destash!

anyway, i’m still recovering from my excitement from earlier on. as you all know, (i think i mentioned) ben’s now been posted to guard room and he’s practically rotting in camp. they only do duty like once or twice a week, other than that, they do nothing. really nothing. on certain nights they get to come out of camp for about 5-6 hours… they call it “nights out”.

so ben had nights out earlier and told me he was chilling with his friends around jurong. awhile later he called and asked the usual… “have you eaten?” suddenly my instincts kicked in, when i heard his next question, i knew he was outside my place… “do you want dessert?”

dead giveaway!

for the first time is more than a year, this could be one of the sweetest things he’s done. came all the way down to yishun, and bought me a hot fudge sundae… just to spend an hour and a half with me before heading back to camp again… looks like that list of “relationship resolutions” we put together for 2010 is working after all… :P

oh well, gonna get back to other tasks at hand… expect a massive room clearout sale soon… maybe i should put up a few items each day… i’ve got like a few boxes full of things i don’t use/need/bought and never used. so stick around!

toodles! :)

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