weekend newbies!

whether you’re looking for something simple and pretty with a touch of vintage, or something bright and cheery, i hope these weekend new adds will entice you! :)

details will be added once they’re up on the website, but please feel free to enquire.

(my room’s in a mad mess right now so i’m quite caught in between getting my room organized and updating the website… boo! )

( omg my favourite pandas! )

( mr bump earstuds are $8 a pair )

…anyone want to buy big bird?

he’s brand new and has never been played with. he’s been hiding in a box with all the other toys all this while… i really need to destash!

anyway, i’m still recovering from my excitement from earlier on. as you all know, (i think i mentioned) ben’s now been posted to guard room and he’s practically rotting in camp. they only do duty like once or twice a week, other than that, they do nothing. really nothing. on certain nights they get to come out of camp for about 5-6 hours… they call it “nights out”.

so ben had nights out earlier and told me he was chilling with his friends around jurong. awhile later he called and asked the usual… “have you eaten?” suddenly my instincts kicked in, when i heard his next question, i knew he was outside my place… “do you want dessert?”

dead giveaway!

for the first time is more than a year, this could be one of the sweetest things he’s done. came all the way down to yishun, and bought me a hot fudge sundae… just to spend an hour and a half with me before heading back to camp again… looks like that list of “relationship resolutions” we put together for 2010 is working after all… :P

oh well, gonna get back to other tasks at hand… expect a massive room clearout sale soon… maybe i should put up a few items each day… i’ve got like a few boxes full of things i don’t use/need/bought and never used. so stick around!

toodles! :)

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