How Bold Can You Go?

I managed to finish these two pieces earlier… They’re going into the Perpetual Spring Collection on

Everyone’s loving them on Facebook and I’m glad cos I spent pretty much the entire day on them. I’ve seen similar pieces to the nude florals piece selling for over $100! Designer and high end brands, of course.

It’s just past 2am now and I’ve just completed another piece! Photos from my blackberry don’t do the piece justice so I’ll leave that for tomorrow… (or later, rather) Just a hint tho, more ruffly flowers, but in black and…….. pearls of course! I always love the black and pearls combination, always chic, always classy and so easy to match!

I love this new font I downloaded, it’s called Impact Label, I got it off I spent over an hour looking for it cos I forgot what the font was called… It looks so old school like the dymo tapes we used to use. Old school is gold!

I should be adding these to the store tomorrow but if anyone wants to do a quick grab (cos i might not do remakes for these) leave me a comment or email me at

I’m so gonna hit the sack now. Night night ya’ll! =)

♥ jean

weekend newbies!

whether you’re looking for something simple and pretty with a touch of vintage, or something bright and cheery, i hope these weekend new adds will entice you! :)

details will be added once they’re up on the website, but please feel free to enquire.

(my room’s in a mad mess right now so i’m quite caught in between getting my room organized and updating the website… boo! )

( omg my favourite pandas! )

( mr bump earstuds are $8 a pair )

…anyone want to buy big bird?

he’s brand new and has never been played with. he’s been hiding in a box with all the other toys all this while… i really need to destash!

anyway, i’m still recovering from my excitement from earlier on. as you all know, (i think i mentioned) ben’s now been posted to guard room and he’s practically rotting in camp. they only do duty like once or twice a week, other than that, they do nothing. really nothing. on certain nights they get to come out of camp for about 5-6 hours… they call it “nights out”.

so ben had nights out earlier and told me he was chilling with his friends around jurong. awhile later he called and asked the usual… “have you eaten?” suddenly my instincts kicked in, when i heard his next question, i knew he was outside my place… “do you want dessert?”

dead giveaway!

for the first time is more than a year, this could be one of the sweetest things he’s done. came all the way down to yishun, and bought me a hot fudge sundae… just to spend an hour and a half with me before heading back to camp again… looks like that list of “relationship resolutions” we put together for 2010 is working after all… :P

oh well, gonna get back to other tasks at hand… expect a massive room clearout sale soon… maybe i should put up a few items each day… i’ve got like a few boxes full of things i don’t use/need/bought and never used. so stick around!

toodles! :)

The Weekend "Add-ition"

8 new necklaces and 5 new bracelets just added to the site!

click on the respective images and go check out the rest!

all in limited pieces, so hurry! don’t let your favourites slip by!

Picture 23

Picture 22

i need to run now, got dinner at east coast with ben’s bunch of friends.

have a good weekend loves! :)


Updated 18/9 : New Today!

i feel a whole lot better today, just a little cough bugging me now, but all’s good for now! :)

and as promised, some new designs!

come to think of it, i haven’t done new earstud designs in awhile eh? here are 2 new hand-drawn designs!

IMG_9976 IMG_9924

left : love me S$8

hearts measure approximately 1.7cm x 1.8cm

right : little miss marc S$8

(by remake only)

marc jacobs inspired! little miss marc with her trademark red heart sunnies!

measures approximately 1.8cm x 2.1cm

please note, becos these are hand drawn, each pair will vary slightly.

_MG_2773crop IMG_9860

as seen in The Closet Lover’s Collection 23

she’s one tough chic! S$15

two layers of black and silver rivets arranged in a bottlecap

chanel_ice_cream IMG_9857

and this photo on the left inspired the ring on the right!

*exclusive! lick me bottlecap ring S$15

IMG_9737 IMG_7907

left : *exclusive! pretty in blue S$14

hand sewn zipper rose headband

right : camellia chanel inspired ring S$10

pending payment – joann

one piece only girls! grab it before it’s gone!

feeling vintage romantic?

IMG_9955 IMG_9975

the champagne poppy ring S$14

big, bold, and elegant… this ring will take you from cocktail party to a stroll by the beach! each petal is hand cut and “singed” to create texture then hand sewn to form a flower…


the champagne rose S$22

exclusively handsewn by me :)

this piece measures approximately 6cm

by remake only

more colors available on

IMG_9963 IMG_9871

left : champagne poppy pin S$10

this is a baby version of the champage rose pin shown above.

this piece measures approximately 4cm

right : pearl drops S$8

prop your hair up into a messy bun, top it off with a champagne rose or poppy and put on these elegant pearl drops and you’re ready for one hot date!

IMG_8795 IMG_9748

left : missy vintage earstuds S$5

one pair only! measures approximately 1.9cm across

right : ivory roses S$11

these pretty, rosey dangles will add that floral touch to any outfit. perfect for wearing all through the week!

there’s more… but, i won’t put everything up here. for more, go to!

ps : prices do not include shipping charges.

regular shipping is $2 flat for orders below $80 : )

xoxo, jean

what’s new tuesday?

gosh i must have spent the entire monday updating and adding new goodies, here’s a “summary” of what’s new on!

(clicking on the images will take you directly to the page on which the items are listed so you can start shopping without any hassle!)

1. new zipper rose rings!

Picture 20

if you missed the first lot of them, don’t let these slip by!

2. the clockwork collection is on SALE!

Picture 15

3. lots of new pretty, floral and quirky earstuds!

Picture 16Picture 17Picture 18

and since we’re on the lines of rings and earstuds… here’s the next one!

4. new promotion in store!

enjoy free shipping when you purchase a mix of

5 or more rings, earrings or earstuds!

enter code “ship5forfree” when you place your order!

5. new pearly bracelets!

Picture 19

i just sold out on the chanel half pearls, so in it’s place are these new pretties! very victorian vintage!

details will be added soon! :)

♥ xoxo

the want, the must have.

freshwaterpearlring1i just found this beyond amazingly classic ring online. if ben doesn’t buy me one i’m getting it for myself! it’s a sterling silver hand-hammered ring, topped with a tiny fresh water pearl. they list it as an engagement ring, but ahhhh i still want it!

perfect for a non fussy girl like me! i love classic pieces like this!

no diamonds involved!

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