zoo rave!

warning : (relatively) high photo content!

this was like two weeks ago when butter turned 5. buttttt! better late than never, right? :P it was animals galore! mimi was a kitty cat, i was a panda, ed was a monkey, and jones was a runaway bunny that got drunk at some bar and never quite made it to the animalistic dance floor. sigh!

i would love to have that tiger in my room to scare away all the creepies.. have you noticed the skirt yet? that’s the one i stamped myself! turned out pretty cool huh? teehee! ed made carrot cupcakes and they were yummmmmmmmayyyy! oh philly cream cheese how i love you.

 we came up with a new “animal breed”, BUNKEY. bunny + monkey. which reminds me, i still haven’t gotten my bunny ears back from jones! :(

the papa pandas, bobby, ritz and me!  i love their furrrrrrry tummies!

nicole came later… she was a zoo keeper! i don’t know what Q was tho… hahaha! my panda head got stolen from my head half the night… *pouts


can you spot the funny in the photo top left? for some odd reason we were doing the exact same thing! talk about weird!

new addition to my friend’s list! that’s jervis in black. he suddenly said to me, “you know my sister! she was your classmate!” yes, the world is small, and i can only imagine how much smaller it can get. like how i can run into 3 exes in one night in the same place… (and no, it’s not cos i’ve dated too many guys!)

okay i think that’s quite enough photos for now. i am going to bed! (yes, i actually made the painful decision and stayed in tonight to catch up with my backlog of work… work tops partying in terms of priorities!) gooooodnight!

♥ jean

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