ginvera's green tea nude cover bb cream & aqua whitening cream

hey girls! i’m back with another product review!

(mmm okay, make that two.)

i’ve been using ginvera’s aqua whitening cream with oil control the entire past week and i must say, it’s a winner! after cleansing and toning, it creates the perfect makeup base and does a pretty good job at controlling sebum levels throughout the day despite our crazy weather.

this cream is enriched with green tea essence, thanaka extracts and biogel and provides the much needed uv protection. apart from oil control, it also lightens spots, acne marks and prevents new pimples from forming. don’t be fooled by it’s appearance as a thick cream! i love how quickly it gets absorbed into my skin, and it’s not greasy at all. perfect for oily/combination skin types. the scent is light and very pleasant. *thumbs up!

i’ll probably have to use this for a longer time for the results to show but i’m really happy with the hydration levels. get ready to say hello to clearer, more radiant skin!

nexttttttt up!

past bb creams i’ve tried tend to be really thick, hard to blend and somewhat dull so i was really surprised to find that ginvera’s green tea nude cover bb cream has a relatively “runny” consistency.

it’s scent is similar to the cream, actually reminds me of the ralph lauren fragrance i used to use. the bb cream blends in easily to create a more even skin tone. the coverage however is pretty sheer, so i wouldn’t count on it to conceal blemishes and acne scars, but it does to it’s job in keeping skin hydrated all day without clogging. plus points for spf 30/pa++! it also helps reduce the formation of lines. (prevention is always better than cure!)

see, you can’t really tell there’s anything on my hand, can you? :)

the finish that the cream creates is natural and matte. it’s actually more like a tinted moisturiser, i’d definitely choose this over other bb creams that go on too thick, those tend to create an obvious layer on top of your skin. this is great for girls with relatively flawless skin that doesn’t require much concealing. it creates a natural, radiant look.

don’t just take my word for it and make a dash for the store, you can sample these two products before you decide if it will work for your skin! (click on the image below!)

♥ jean

2 Replies to “ginvera's green tea nude cover bb cream & aqua whitening cream”

  1. Hi Jean,

    Do you know if there is any way these products could be shipped out of Singapore? I’m really interested in Ginvera but I live in the United States. Do you sell this BB cream? If not, do you know any websites that sell it and ship out of the country?


    1. hi Michelle!
      unfortunately i only do reviews, i don’t sell them but if you really want i could get it from the store and mail it to you? i’m not sure if they sell it online tho, have you tried searching ebay?

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