One decision can change your life.

70 days out of drug rehab, this guy whose job was to haul trash, took the X-Factor stage and changed his own life for the better, as well as everyone elses. I won’t lie, I actually cried. Listen carefully to the lyrics he wrote in his original song, “Young homie”.

“There’s always a chance, and there’s always a choice. Life is too precious to waste…”

dottie & arthur

Have you met dottie the owl & arthur the tiger cat?

Looks like they’ve made some new owl friends…. see them in store soon!

I’ve been watching this video again and again, thought you might enjoy it too. Nick Pitera is simply amazing. His vocal skills are really exceptional.

Hope everyone’s got their weekend plans all lined up? I’m heading to Jones’ for a home cooked dinner & “house party” with the bunch! Enjoy the weekend everyone! :)


My love for their music goes way back… I particularly enjoy this one tho.

On a random note, I somehow find myself clueless as to how I should react when I run into people “from the past”; if you know what I mean. The things they say sometimes really leaves me bewildered.

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