Not Your Average Ring Pillow

I’ve made a handful of ring pillows since I started working on wedding customisations. The most challenging one was the airforce plane I worked on some time last year; or so I thought. I received a request to have a ring pillow made to resemble a Hermès Birkin Bag. My initial thoughts were far from optimistic. It was a bag well-known for it’s detailed craftsmanship, how would I be able to replicate it, in a mini version no less?

birkin bags

I spent hours studying the structure of the bag through photos from every angle I could find. It was no easy feat, but I did it, eventually. As they say, there’s nothing you cannot achieve if you put your heart and mind to it. Your brain will find a way to work things out if you are determined enough.


Black Hermès Birkin Bag Ring Pillow

Processed with VSCOcamThis was my first Hermès Birkin Bag.

I did a “mock up” so I could tweak the design and make sure it was feasible. The details show better on the green piece compared to the black. Personally, the green trumps the black; green just seems to have that Kate Spade “vibe”. It is ready to use as a ring pillow, or if you’re a huge fan of the Birkin, this definitely makes a cute keepsake.

If you’re interested to purchase it, feel free to send me an email at

Take a leap of Faith..

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

– Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever.



The above bouquet is my latest pride and joy, carefully created for Daphne whose solemnisation ceremony takes place this weekend. I can’t wait to see photos from her wedding!

This one took a real leap of faith, with not much to go on, I decided to do something completely different from what I have done with other bouquets so far, and I am so happy that the bride loves the bouquet as much as I do. Soft and airy chiffon peonies, lush roses and my first attempt at the tricky ranunculus, all handmade from scratch, and it was completely worth all the work.

If you’d like to view more photos of this bouquet, they are available here. Please contact me at at least 2-3 months in advance if you are interested in a handmade bouquet for your wedding that will last forever, along with memories from your BIG DAY!


Minions on the loose!

Minion spotted in the garden!


This is a garden themed pen holder that doubles up as a trinket/jewellery holder I customised for Calista for gifting. Decorated with crochet flowers, a butterfly and a juicy pink strawberry!

A great way to brighten up any office desk or vanity table!

minionholderThe medium sized minion can be ordered (here) and the “Okay? Okay.” earstuds can be ordered (here)


The Minion is removable to be enjoyed as a plush, so these guys took their turns with garden duty!

I made Carl without a pattern and it took a bit of figuring out but I absolutely love how he turned out! Bee do bee do bee do! (Carl is not for sale though.)

This owl will be listed for sale separately! Hoot hoot!

PS: I am trying out Shopify’s two week trial since I am unable to manage the current store on Yahoo due to technical incompatibilities, and will update again if that goes well.

If you’d like a custom order of something similar, feel free to drop me an email at as may possibly be terminated if/when I move over to Shopify. I might be able to reinstate it but you can always reach me on Gmail! :)

Meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone! xx

Once in a lifetime, one chance to create memories that will last forever.

At the beginning of the year I decided that I would start working on wedding related products this year, and I did! Bouquets, corsages, hair pieces, I just haven’t had time to sit down and document everything properly so here goes nothing.

This is the latest bouquet I’m working on, and it is one of my favourites personally.

20130718_151257_Fotor copy 20130718_151241_Fotor2 copy

20130718_151245_Fotor copy

Unlike previous bouquets I have completed which leaned more to safe colour combinations, this one is a lot bolder and unconventional. It is still in the works though, but I’ll definitely update again once the arrangement is finalised.


My very first bouquet for Danny & Valene, I heard they got tons of compliments while doing their pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan!

And that’s just one advantage of having a fabric bouquet, you can get it months before the actual wedding, use it for shoots, travel with it, and then take it down the aisle on your special day. I can’t wait to see their wedding shots!

20130507_151716_Fotor copy

The second bouquet for Seng Wee & Xin Yi, a subtle, sweet bouquet of baby pink and ivory roses and peonies.


Luscious ivory rose hair pins that were made for Valene. These are so versatile, you can pop on into a high bun or classy chignon any day! Who says only brides can wear flowers in their hair? :)


Spencer and a previous lot of peony flower corsages.


The question people most frequently ask me is, “Do you actually make all these flowers?”

“Yes, I do.” Each one handmade with attention to every petal, and as much hard work as they are, these flowers  never fail to make my day. Yes, making flowers from scratch compared to buying them off the shelf and putting them together in a bouquet is extremely tedious, but I believe there’s just something special about handmade that’s different. One thing is for sure though, these “forever bouquets” will make your memories of that special day last forever… :)

Are YOU planning your special day? Or know of someone who is? Feel free to contact me should you have any questions at all,

Please note that the colors featured in this post may not be available at all times, and depends solely on fabric availability at the time of your order.

Putting smiles on faces, one at a time…

Come year end, we all start fretting about shopping for gifts. Some of us fret all year round with endless birthday celebrations, but that’s where the challenge is! Everyone has different likes, dislikes, different tastes, needs, the list is endless. This can make shopping for something ready-made a real nightmare, plus it can take up a lot of time. Have you ever found yourself hopping from store to store to find something appropriate, only to end up buying a huge teddy bear?

It can be as simple as giving me an idea, and having the finished product shipped directly to you, anywhere in the world. :)

My aim is to make customisable gifts affordable for everyone, and yet bring bigger smiles to your loved ones than any store bought teddy. There’s just something about handmade, the personal touch, knowing it was made by a person and not pressed out of a factory machine. There’s just something about it that you can’t put your finger on. They’ll always think of you when they use their gift. And I guess my customers will think of me too? *laughs

Ada’s collage of her pluggy purchase.

A lot of work and time goes into creating a handmade piece, but when the product is ready, shipped out, and received, I know it’s all worth it.

My customers are the “proof” that this is so. :)

This email came in last night from Nadiah. She had a keyring customised for her bff and a cosy for her mum’s birthday that’s over a week away.

“Jean thank you again! My friend was speechless! I really can’t thank you for the effort! The box and card all! Thank you Jean! Ill always pray god blesses you! You’re too nice already! Will order again in nov okay! Heh I got too excited I gave my mom her present also! She was like “omg!!!” I gotta thank you again Jean! Terribly happy! Xoxo!”

If you would like to order customised gifts for the year end season, you might want to do so ahead of time so that I will have adequate time to work through your orders. Every piece is handmade with lots of love to go around. :)

SHOP : Jeanine Gabrielle

Feel free to email me at
♥ Follow me on Instagram @jeaninegabrielle or search #jeaninegabrielle to see what others have posted!

Have a great weekend everyone!

much ♥, jean

Where's Wally Now?

Made a customised set of matching necklace & bracelet based on “Where’s Wally Now?” for a friend’s friend’s birthday!

If you’re up for a challenge, try finding Wally in this picture! (It’s past 1am now so I blame my inability to find Wally on fatigue.)

I’ve added a resin coat over the hand drawn charms, this means the charms are now scratch resistant & waterproof! (DOUBLE YAY!)

If you’d like to purchase a customised gift for your friend or for yourself (why not?)  feel free to email me at I’ll be glad to custom make something that promises to be unique & personalised.

See more of my customisations on Facebook and in store.

Have a great week ahead everyone! More updates this week! xx

I just came to say hello.

The new customisable pendant charms.  These make really nice name necklaces! :)

These pendants are really versatile, and are interchangeable between keyrings and necklaces. You can also opt to buy them on their own to add on to your existing key rings and chains! :)

These are not yet in store, so check them out on my Facebook page or email me at for purchasing and customisation enquiries! xx

Wear A Moustache On Your Sleeve.


The funny moustache cufflinks S$20

Yet another way to wear the funny moustache! Cufflinks make great gifts for the working male, or females if you please. (Christmas is in two weeks!) These cufflinks can be customised with your own design, name or initials.

I haven’t added these to the store yet, but for now, you can view new designs on my facebook page.

For customisations & purchasing enquiries, email me at

Finds For Friends : Customised Rings

Was working on a pair of these earlier for Charmaine. They’re BFF rings for her friend who is leaving to study overseas. Hopefully these rings will remind them both of their friendship, and that distance will not come in between them. :)

Bottlecap ring customisations are also very popular and make bolder, quirkier-looking accessories.

>> Click here << to view more customisation ideas on Facebook. Remember to send in your Christmas orders early to avoid the rush! xx

Finds for Friends : Customised Keyrings!

Christmas is just around the corner, and along with festive cheer comes the much dreaded gift-giving dilemma!

Customised gifts make for a more personal touch, they’re also much more appreciated than regular store bought gifts. If you’re interested in getting gifts customised for friends this holiday season, do order ahead of time to avoid the rush! This also allows me ample time to make your gifts perfect. :)

Here are just some examples of what can be done. This lot features names and icons that represent what each person likes or can relate to.

Customised rings, necklaces, bracelets, earstuds, plush toys and more are also available. Prices will vary depending on your design and quantity purchased.

For more customisation ideas, check out my customisations album on Facebook >> > > > here < < < <<

See what else is available in store at Jeanine Gabrielle

If you have any questions/enquiries, please feel free to email me at

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