Never stop believing in YOU.

It’s been a crazy few months, almost a year since I decided to quit my job.

I know I did the right thing, my job was eating me from the inside. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite liked my job but…. there’s always a but. After applying for jobs and never hearing back, interviews that didn’t bear good news in the end, I began to wonder if I made a mistake..

I started to feel lost, unsure of what to do but I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew that I wasn’t the only one in such a situation and there could definitely be others who have it worse.

I could easily have gone back into the F&B industry, but the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to. I had to stick to my decision. So… what did I do?

I’m currently taking a course in digital marketing, with the hope that when I’m done with the course in 5 to 6 months, I’ll be able to live a new life out of F&B. The course requires us to produce quite a bit of content, initially I wanted to go with a made up company and product but after 3 assignments I realised it was going to be tough to make up fake content, so I decided to use my store!

They did not ask to curate videos but I enjoy making them so here’s one for everyone who needs a reminder to always BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Reach out to friends who need you, and that love will come back to you!


(From left to right) Pupperoni the dachshund, Bailey the tiny dachshund, Rover the beagle and Huskler the Siberian husky!


It wasn’t even something I planned or preconceived; it sort of just happened? I started taking photos of Pupperoni, this goofball was a custom order for one of my customer of many years. (Thanks Nad!)

And it seemed to take on a life of it’s own in a way.

I mean… the second photo totally looked as if he was doing a yoga stretch… and I just started getting all these different ideas..

What if…

So I made a second dachshund, and then a beagle, and then a husky which Nad also requested for.

Then I thought, since I’m pretty much stuck at home I might as well expand my creativity right? STOP MOTION ANIMATION! I’ve never learnt how to do it, but I could at least try.

And this was the result! My first attempt at stop motion animation!

I thought it was cute, a little pupper trying to climb up on the sofa and falling over then getting up to climb again, happens all the time in real life right? But wait!

“What if that could translate to simple life lessons?”

What if kids and adults (why not) could actually learn something by watching these animated pups? And even if it was just a bunch of pups running across your screen, it would still make you stop and smile!

They love laundry day!

More daily occurrences, the tussle over the sofa

Taking these photos and making the videos sure does keep me amused, and I hope they will light up your day as well! I’ve created a playlist on YouTube so please do subscribe or come back to the blog for more #smolpuplife updates!

I would love for you to share #smolpuplife with your friends and put smiles on more faces! For those of you who are new to my blog,

“Hello and thank you for popping by!”

I make these pups, alpaccas, owls and a ton of other cute stuff and you can find them all here!

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