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It is that time of the year again, when I make it a point to reorganise, spring clean, and decide if I am going to wear all those neglected clothes I have hanging in my cupboard and others stashed in drawers and boxes. This year, while cleaning, I realised that apart from a whole pile of clothes that need to go, I also have a couple pairs of shoes that don’t fit or that I just changed my mind about. I decided to sell them for cheap on Carousell.

Well, here’s what I have listed so far.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 5.14.24 pm

“Party heels, anyone?”

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 5.23.52 pm

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If you are interested in an item but do not live in Singapore, feel free to contact me ( and I will gladly work out the international shipping costs for you. :)


Return of The Favourites! The New Black & Blue + The Girl Next Door V5.1

13th February update:

Thank you for the overwhelming response for Black & Blue v3, Batch 3 remakes are now available!

25th January update :
All remakes from batch 1 have been completed and mailed out. Emails have been sent out to those who were on the wait list. Refer to items below for available remake slots!
17the January update:
All currently available remake slots have been filled and invoices have been sent out. Do check back for availability of the next batch of remakes.

If you have not received an invoice, you will be put on the waiting list for the next lot of remakes.

Thank you! :)


Hi all! I hope the new year has been nothing but great for you so far. Many of you have asked for remakes of the previously sold out version of Black & Blue as well as more pastel pieces, and I heard you! To kick off 2014, here’s the new version of Black & Blue as well as a slightly tweaked version of The Girl Next Door V5!


I’ll be releasing remake slots in “batches” to ensure there’s enough fabric to go around, and also to keep waiting time after payment is made to a minimum. If the orders exceed the currently available slots, you will automatically be put on the waiting list for the next batch unless the piece sells out.

Happy Shopping! :)


Due to the limited availability of items, orders will be processed on a first comment basis. Some of you have commented before on earlier launches so your comments may show up immediately, this does not mean that your order is confirmed as there may be comments pending moderation before yours. Please be patient, you need not comment again if your comment does not show up immediately, especially if it is your first time joining us for a launch. Do refer to the list of things to note at the end of this post for full details. :)

( Shot outdoors in natural light )


The Girl Next Door V5.1 $45

1 piece in-stock, 5 remake slots to be filled (Batch One)

5 remake slots to be filled (Batch Two)

The Girl Next Door V5 was a little more U-shaped, I’ve tweaked this to get a little closer to the original Girl Next Door Necklaces. You can also see more of the larger purple rose compared to the previous version. Can you spot what else is different in this version? (The “leaves”!)


Black & Blue V3 $45

1 piece in-stock, 5 remake slots to be filled (Batch One)

10 remake slots to be filled (Batch Two)

Further remake slots will be confirmed by mid-February if available. Thank you for the overwhelming response for this piece!
Batch Three open!

A favourite for a long time, Black & Blue is finally back! It’s a versatile piece that compliments more colors than you would think. Add a floral touch to that little black dress on a workday, or pair it with that flirty white lace number for a weekend date! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it can dress up a simple top paired with shorts, skirts, leggings or jeans!


Things to note :

  • Orders will be processed on a first comment basis, all comments will be moderated.
  • Invoices for INSTOCKS will be sent out within 24 hours if your order is confirmed.
  • Please note that invoices will be sent out on a FIRST COMMENT BASIS, if payment is not made within the stated period, the slot will go to the next interested person.


  •  Prices listed do not include shipping costs. Items priced at $45 and above ship for free within Singapore by normal mail, AM mail/registered mail would be an additional charge of $2.80.
  • For orders below $45, the standard shipping costs apply. $2 for normal mail and $4 for registered mail.
  • Colors may reflect differently due to different screen settings, do allow for slight color variations. The pieces almost always look better in real life. :)

To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed item :

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB

Weekend DIY : Cold Shoulder Tee

Some call it a cut-out shoulder, some call it a cold shoulder, whatever it is, this look is practically EVERYWHERE right now. Dresses, tops, sweaters. Which makes me wonder, if you wear a cold shoulder sweater, doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of wearing a sweater in the first place? Just saying.

I didn’t work on a DIY project myself this weekend so here’s a very easy DIY idea from Love Aesthetics!


All you need is a fitting tee that you don’t mind cutting up. Decide how large you want your cut out to be and cut away!


And done! The thing with using tees is that you probably won’t have to hem it, most tee shirt materials are very “forgiving” in that sense, they hardly fray.


You don’t have to stick to fitted tees though, you could probably try this on slouchy sweat shirts, skater dresses, denim shirts (yes! denim shirts sounds fab!) Just get creative!

Anyone trying this anytime soon? :)

Weekend DIY : Marc Jacobs-inspired Dog Bag!


Have you seen the new Marc Jacobs iPhone cases? They are springing up everywhere! Why don’t they make these for Samsung phones? *sulks


Anyway, last weekend I decided to DIY my own dose of cute and I thought I’d share a quick tutorial! :)


You’ll need :

  • A plain white tote bag
  • Pencil
  • Black acrylic or fabric paint (I used acrylic!)
  • Big and small flat brushes
  • Old newspapers
  • A steady hand and a good amount of patience!


First I drew the design on the tote (freehand), you don’t have to be exact but try not to draw into the white areas. Once you’re more or less satisfied with your sketch, time to paint! I like to start on the edges with a smaller brush and then fill in the larger areas later with a larger brush.

You might want to put a layer of newspaper in between the bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through! Don’t be in too much of a hurry to complete your project, make sure the paint is dry or be very careful not to smudge wet paint if you need to shift your work. This took me slightly over an hour to complete!


Easy, right? If you enjoyed this post, check out these DIY posts!

( More DIY! )

Selling : Lot of 4 Summer Fun Rings!


I’m trying to downsize my stash so here’s a lot of 4 really cute rings up for grabs! The ice cream ring is brand new, the other 3 are pre-loved but are in tip top condition as you can see!


All rings are adjustable except for the teal hibiscus ring.


I’m letting these cuties go for just S$8 including regular mail (Singapore only) Registered mail is available at an additional S$2.80.

Please leave me a comment or drop me an email at if interested, you can combine shipping with other available items!

( See more selling posts! )

Selling : Brand New Rare London Stripe Hi Lo Dress UK 8


I got this on ASOS quite some time ago but never got to wear it because it’s too big for me. :(

I loved it so much that I took a gamble and bought a size larger because they didn’t have a UK 6.  It’s the perfect weekend dress, with a hi lo hem and side zipper for easy wearing, this dress is 100% polyester, very lightweight but not sheer (fully lined).



PTP 45cm // Waist 35cm // Front length 88cm // Back length 108cm

This dress is completely sold out on ASOS. Original retail price of the dress was about $108, I was lucky to get it on sale for $45. The dress has been washed once but never worn, so it’s practically in mint condition and ready to wear once it reaches you!


Am letting this go for S$40 including normal mail, please leave a comment if interested!

I do ship internationally, please contact me for international shipping rates or if you have any questions about this listing. Thank you! xx

Mid-year Clear-out Sale Part One

All items are handmade and hand sewn with love by me! I hope you’ll find something you like, or perhaps a suitable gift for a loved one.

Stop eyeing them, BUY THEM! Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


  • 1. Chocolate florals phone cosy $18 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 2. Poppy fields phone cosy – $18 – 14cm x 7.6cm
  • 3. Poppy fields card cosy – $12 – 10cm x 6cm
  • 4. Aztec phone cosy (padded) $14 – 13cm x 7.4cm
  • 5. “I see you” phone cosy $14 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 6. Massive burger card cosy (with flap over button closure) $16 – 10cm x 6cm


  • 7. PS : I love you phone cosy $15 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 8. Hello Bug Kitty phone cosy (padded) $16 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 9. Miu Miu Daisies phone cosy $14 – 12.5cm x 7cm
  • 10. Chanel embroided card cosy $10 – 10cm x 6.5cm
  • 11. Hello Kitty card cosy $12 – 10cm x 7cm

-= ♥ =-

“Will it fit my phone?” Here’s how to figure it out!

Grab a tape measure and size up your phone, or check for measurements on the respective mobile sites. You should be measuring it around so, 2 x width + 2 x thickness. Then compare that against the measurements provided for the pieces and you should get a good gauge.

Measurements provided are for length and width (excluding sewing edge) so when you’re sizing it up for your phone, use the (width x 2). I didn’t complicate that, did I? If you still need help, feel free to contact me. :)


One of each design only, prices only valid on instocks.

  • 12. Snap snap camera bag charm/brooch $8 – 6cm x 6cm
  • 13. Set of 2 owl plushies $24 – 9cm x 9cm (polka dots)
  • 14. Miu Miu-inspired cat brooch $12 – 12cm x 5cm
  • 15. Kitty plush with ball of wool $18 – 13cm x 9cm

-= ♥ =-

june giveaway

Do state your preference when you place your order, however I cannot guarantee you will be able to get what you want if someone claims ahead of you. In the event that your preferences are all taken, the freebie will be randomly selected for you. (One gift per customer.)

  1. 1 x Velcro hair pad
  2. Nip + Fab Mango Smoothie Body Butter
  3. 2 x Essential Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion
  4. 1 x Essential Nuance Airy Anti-Frizz Serum
  5. 5 x Beauty Buffet Vitamin C & Neroli Facial Mask
  6. 1 x Set of 3 candy cube hair ties


To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed items :

Choice of free gift (If purchase total is above $25) :

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.


I first came across XQUSIS in 2009, and most of my shoes have come from there since!

If you’re not convinced, check out all my past posts >> here <<

Recently I received two pairs of lovely shoes from XQUISIS, I am thinking of doing a giveaway since it’s my birthday month, so I thought I’d check if any of you girls are a size 39? If you are, do leave a comment under this post so I know if a giveaway is a good idea or not. The cutting is a little tight I reckon, so size 38s, count yourselves in on this!



The second pair of heels I got are these glittery “sky walkers”!

Perfect for those glammed up nights, you can dress up to the nines without burning a huge hole in your pocket!


Miumiu Style Glitter Mary Jane Pumps $36.90

They’re also available in a sweet bubblegum pink! Sweet yet chic!


I just checked out the latest additions in store and I have my eye on one too many pieces. So many pretty bags and heels!

But here are some of my favourites!


I am so in love with this Celine-inspired two way trapeze bag!

The color is a welcome change compared to the usual black, and for just $36.90, why not? I’m just guilt-trippin’ cause I already bought 4 new bags last week. A birthday present perhaps? :D

If you’re not so into colors, there is  an alternative black version of the bag with a textured finish.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 7.48.45 PM

Celine-inspired two way trapeze bag $33.90

 Classy for less? YES PLEASE!

Wave Trim Peeptoe Platform Stiletto Heels S$34.90

Available in pink and cream.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 1.13.20 AM

Transparent Anklet Heels $30.90

Available in hot pink, yellow and black.

Apart from my tiny selection here, you’ll find many varying options in store, whether you’re looking for a pair of ballet flats, wedges, party heels, boots or sandals, XQUISIS probably has it, at an affordable price no less. Got long feet? XQUISIS stocks certain designs up to size 43, so there’s definitely something for every pair of feet. :)

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.25.31 PM

Just for you!

Use code “FREEPOST” to enjoy FREE SHIPPING (normal/registered) with your purchase. Applicable for local (Singapore) orders only.


The Perpetual Spring Luxe Editions

For remake availability & ordering of items from this collection, please proceed to The Perpetual Spring Collection in store!



Thank you for the overwhelming response for this collection! Please note that I will not be taking in anymore orders for remakes at the moment until the first batch of orders have been cleared to avoid a sold out situation.

For those who were unable to secure a remake slot for “Hey there Delilah” Luxe Editions, particularly 0.1 and 0.2, stick around cos I might just release variations in the next two weeks or so. :)

Once again, thank you and have a fantastic weekend everyone! xx


Things to note :

  • Orders will be processed on a first comment basis, all comments will be moderated.
  • Invoices will be sent out within 24 hours if your order is confirmed.
  • If the piece you ordered is sold but available by remake, I will send you an email within 48 hours. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion of remakes.
  •  Prices listed do not include shipping costs. Items priced at $45 and above ship for free within Singapore by normal mail, registered mail would be an additional charge of $2.80.
  • For orders below $45, the standard shipping costs apply. $2 for normal mail and $4 for registered mail.
  • Colors may reflect differently due to different screen settings, do allow for slight color variations. The pieces almost always look better in real life. :)

delilah-luxe011. Hey there Delilah Luxe Edition 0.1 $49

This bouquet looks good enough to eat, a very alluring mix of nudes, dusty pink, light cocoa and a very subtle hint of gold threads. There’s no doubt you’ll feel like the prettiest girl in the world.

>>> ♥ <<<


2. Hey there Delilah Luxe Edition 0.2 $45

The bouquet everyone is eyeing! A subtle bouquet of romantic nude and ivory florals, this one’s definitely on the must have list.

>> All remake slots filled! <<


>>> ♥ <<<


3. Hey there Delilah Luxe Edition 0.3 $45

Embrace a bouquet of pale and deep mustards, ivory satin and taupe. This one’s for the girl who just wants to have fun!

>>> ♥ <<<

Did I mention the girl next door is back? Now in luxe editions, too!


4. The Girl Next Door Luxe Edition 0.1 $49

A romantic twist on the previously sold out version 0.3! This bouquet of dusty pink, vanilla and taupe is perfect for those Sunday brunches…

Instock sold, remakes available.

>>> ♥ <<<

girlnextdoor-luxe025. The Girl next Door Luxe Edition 0.2 $45

It’s a pity my camera isn’t good enough to capture the exquisite qualities of this piece. The two roses in the middle are crafted from a luxe gold foil cotten linen mix. You need to see this piece in real life, perfect for those night parties and red or black dresses. The folks would definitely give this a thumbs up this Chinese New Year! Champagne showers!

Instock sold, remakes available.

>>> ♥ <<<


6. The Girl Next Door v0.5 $45

Surpriseeeeee! It’s the 5th version of “The Girl Next Door”! This version is a dusty bouquet of pink and purple, slightly tweaked and ready to turn heads.

Instock sold, remakes available.

>>> ♥ <<<

Now, I wouldn’t call it the biggest launch if there were only 6 pieces would I?

These are one piece exclusives, which means, no remakes! (In the near future, that is.)

prettyasabride-ivorynude7. Pretty as a bride in ivory satin/nude $42

This bouquet is a mix of ivory satin and nude roses, classy yet not too flashy. Perfect for everyday dressing up!

>>> ♥ <<<


8. Pretty as a bride in full ivory satin $42

A pristine bouquet of ivory satin florals, you can dress this up to the nines…

>>> ♥ <<<

spottylotty9. Spotty Lotty $39

A fun bouquet of ruffly roses in three very different textures!

>>> ♥ <<<


10. Delilah flower hair grips – Small $12, Large $14

Put a flower or two in your hair! Pin to a high bun for a fun updo, or a low bun if you’re going for an old hollywood, classy romantic look, or add them to your braids and feel like a flower girl anyday! These would make perfect accessories for your bridesmaids as well!

Currently available in two sizes and colors, these handmade Delilah flowers are attached to an alligator clip. Small measures approximately, 5.5cm. Large flower measures approximately 7cm. Please note that remakes will vary slightly in size and shape. For custom sizes, please email me.

One small in champagne and one large in pink blush ready to ship, remakes available.

>>> ♥ <<<

To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed items : (The ones you really really want to get your hands on)

Second choice : (You know, in case the ones you listed above are sold out, this is optional)

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB

Hope you girls love these new additions, and thank you for the continuous support! Happy shopping! :)

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