Decked in White.

Random OOTDs from the past week, just two to be exact.


Of lace, sequins, and Philip Gogo’s swallow necklace from ASOS.

Sequined throw over from Miss Selfridge, lace dress from ClubCouture.


Christmas day OOTD.

I had totally forgotten about this gorgeous Miu Miu-inspired clutch I got over a year ago while I was sorting out my stuff the other day, I know, how could I forget I have such a pretty bag? Paired it with a “vintage”, well, hand me down white bodycon dress that belonged to my sister, and my Marc Jacobs time piece. I’m still trying to grow into the dress tho, it’s still a tad loose for me since I’ve been losing weight more so than putting on any kilos at all, but classy, definitely.


I reckon a haircut is in order, it’s already grown to my hip level. Oh the horror.

I’m still trying to convince myself I deserve another day or two of rest before I dive head on into work, and I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten my scheduler for 2013! There’s so much I want to do in the new year, although I have yet to solidify my new year’s resolutions, (like anyone really sticks to them anyway) I definitely need to get my life back on track once and for all. Let’s just say 2012 turned out to be a lot less than pleasant; sure there were good times, but still not enough to equal out the bad. :/

Oh wells, I’m gonna try to start with one resolution tonight, and that’s being in bed before 1am. Read about my christmas bakes soon!

Merry Christmas everyone! ♥ xx

A night out with Coach…

Just a couple of random snaps from “A night out with Coach” a couple weeks back.

OOTD : Daisy set from The Juice Market / Knit from Topshop / Jeffery Campbell-inspired boots from Xquisis

Straw clutch from one of my online hauls from Cotton On, Rubi. Believe it or not I was so lucky to have snagged it for just $5! The blue eyed fox bag charm is handmade by me. Totally blends in with the clutch like they were made for each other.

The Madison Collection. I was quite tempted, but decided in the end the bag itself is pretty weighty, by the time I put all my stuff in there it’s going to weigh a ton. Therefore $1k is safe.

$610 for the tan satchel if I remember correctly. It’s a reasonable price for Coach, but thinking over, who would even know it’s Coach? As much as I was really thinking about this one, I’ve seen similar-looking bags selling for under $50.

Feast your eyes on candy colored wristlets.. and…

Coolest store guy ever. :)

And what do you know, the weekend has come and gone, AGAIN! Have a great week ahead ya’ll! It’s going to be another crazy week for me. Laters! xx

A sneak peek into 2013 bags

About two weeks back I had the opportunity to sneak a peek into the future….

The bags of 2013!

One of the function rooms of The Gallery Hotel was turned into a bag heaven, literally. 5 exciting Italian labels were showcased – Braccialini, Gherardini, Gabs, Araldi (Men’s) and Tintamar. I probably can’t talk about everything otherwise this post would go on forever, so I’ll show you bits and pieces and what I really dig!

– Gabs –

What do you feel like today? Sexy, or modest? These “Transformer Bags” from Gabs turned me into a kid in a candy store. Not only can you change the “designs” on the bag, they also morph into three different shapes with a few snap buttons! (See my video at the end of this post as I TRY to show you the different shapes)

Two of my favourite bags from Gabs! I soooo want one, but they’re only out next year! :(

How can you resist that adorable puppy face?

More Gabs bags!

And the smaller things. Color me happy indeed!

Totally loveeeeee the Holga clutch! Perfect for photos where you want to hide your face. Can you tell I’m already being really biased? The Gabs Collection topped my favorites list! The fact that it’s “Gabs” probably contributed to that too… Gabs, Gabrielle… get it? ^_^

– Tintamar –

Tintamar bags, in a word – FUNCTIONAL.

That grey bag on the right is 3 bags in one. A day bag, a detachable laptop carry bag, and an evening clutch. Now that’s what I call functional.

The range boasts of all sorts of bags we need to stay organised, including bag organisers in super candy colors. I LIKE.

– Gherardini –

These, are by Gherardini. More suited for the mature woman, I’d like to think I am not suited to rock these just yet. Nonetheless, a simple yet chic collection for mummies with good taste. There are more bags I need to show you!

– Tua by Braccialini –

These bags were made for the young, and the young at heart. This puppy messenger bag was another one that made me go AWWWW. Perfect for the creative girl on the go! If you like your bags bold and quirky, you’ll love Tua.

Fancy a scene?

Braccialini Temi Collection – SS2013

While Tua features more quirky bags, the Braccialini range is rather different..

I particularly love this simple leather tote. Simple, chic, no messy details, just a nice neat tote that’ll fit everything. Another one on the “WANTED LIST”.

– Araldi for Men –

Araldi – dubbed as the “Belt Heaven” will be hitting local shores in Dec 2012 / Jan 2013. This novel concept will be a first in Asia with over 250 ‘mix-and-match’ options for luxury offerings for men’s belts, shoes and bags, tailored to the needs of the stylish modern man.

They say an Italian man’s shoes must always match his belt…

Now remember the video I promised? Here it is. Please forgive my incredibly amateur “editing”. I don’t even know if the annotations were saved properly but oh well, knock yourselves out!

And there it is… your sneak peek into 2013! And this was probably my longest post with the most photo content. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it! Enjoy the long weekend! :) xx

All bags featured in this post will be available at Galleria Italiana. Check out their Facebook page!

Galleria Italiana is located at #02-28 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, and is open from Monday to Sunday 11:30am to 9pm. For retail inquiries, please call (65) 68846128

OuterEdit’s Flora & Fauna Collab – It’s time to heart!

I should be introducing you to OuterEdit proper, but the clock is ticking on the voting round of the Flora & Fauna Collab so I’m going to skip the formalities! (For now)

Over 20 designs have emerged over 10 days of hard work, and after going through edits amongst the 5 participating artists, the ball is now in YOUR court! YUP! You (the public) determines the fate of these 20+ works! Pretty heavy responsibility if you ask me, technically you help decide what people will buy!

Here are some of my favourites! “Heart” them to make sure they make it to the top 5!

Voting closes Monday 22nd October 11am, so make sure you pick your favourites early!

I’ll introduce you to OuterEdit proper after I find time to pop in to their humble retail space at 30 Niven Road (Singapore)!

Happy “♥-ing”, and have a smashin’ weekend!

Picking the right knit!

Are knits really suitable for our hot weather? Well, yes, if you pick the right one. Afterall, we don’t get snow here and the only time a thick knit would be appropriate would be on a cold rainy day… Are we getting sucked in to fall fashion and buying knits just cos it’s the season’s must have? Maybe. You might want to keep these in mind when buying a knit to avoid an impulse buy!

♥ Is it too thick for our weather? Remember, thick knits also occupy A LOT of wardrobe space!

♥ How often do you think you will get to wear it?

♥ Does it compliment the other pieces in your wardrobe?

I personally like pieces that are versatile, I have to dark blue knit from Topshop which I actually modified slightly. I don’t just use it as a cardigan, but becos it is light and open front, I can just wrap it around my neck when the temperature doesn’t call extra warmth. Sometimes it makes more sense than having a shawl that is too long and has to be wrapped around your neck twice. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it if we HAD winter, but the fact is, we don’t.

I got this from Forever21 for $27! Nice and comfy with subtle gold threads woven in. :)

love, jean

Steals from Cotton On!

Okay before anything, let me just say, this is not an advertorial of sorts, I was just really amazed at how low Cotton On has slashed its prices online! I got a whole box of stuff for under $30.

You can even get a playsuit for $2, it’s beyond ridiculous! I don’t even want to go into whether they are making a profit from this…

I saw these the last time I was at Rubi in Ion, was tempted but didn’t buy them. I saw these online and I just had to… They were $5 each. $15 to grow my “clutch” collection by 3, not bad.

This top, also $5! I’ve always wanted a casual loose tee that goes with jeans, shorts and leggings, not bad for a $5 find.

No prize for guessing how much this long sleeved top cost….. Yes, $5 too! This one is comfy! I have a similar one from Vero Moda but it’s a little too cropped to wear with leggings, this one does just fine! Comfy enough for sleeping in too.

AND! If you’re in Asia, you also enjoy FREE SHIPPING! Like I always say, good things are meant to be shared, that applies to bargain buys! xx

sold : brand new asos bodycon dress in white (UK size 8) S$18 mailed

I bought this dress from ASOS but unfortunately it is too big for me so I have to let it go. It would have been perfect if I could get hold of a size 6 but I took a gamble with the 8.  The size 8 is also sold out on ASOS. I paid $17.61 for it and am selling it for $18 mailed, not earning off ASOS, just covering the shipping costs within Singapore. It’s a basic, super comfy dress that every girl should own at least one of. This is perfect with a throw on washed denim boyfriend shirt!

View the product page on ASOS >> here <<

click here to view more of my selling posts )

Price includes standard mail within Singapore. Add $2.24 for registered mail. Please contact me for international shipping rates. 

 Questions? Leave me a comment or drop me an email! :)

Prints & Florals

Cat print laptop case used as clutch & watercolor floral dress by To Love Kuvaa. Both from ASOS.

Something new I’ve been working on. Taking florals up a notch! I’m in love with this piece that I managed to finish today, still contemplating on whether the chain is too bold, but then again, I like bold. Bold is good.

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