OuterEdit’s Flora & Fauna Collab – It’s time to heart!

I should be introducing you to OuterEdit proper, but the clock is ticking on the voting round of the Flora & Fauna Collab so I’m going to skip the formalities! (For now)

Over 20 designs have emerged over 10 days of hard work, and after going through edits amongst the 5 participating artists, the ball is now in YOUR court! YUP! You (the public) determines the fate of these 20+ works! Pretty heavy responsibility if you ask me, technically you help decide what people will buy!

Here are some of my favourites! “Heart” them to make sure they make it to the top 5!

Voting closes Monday 22nd October 11am, so make sure you pick your favourites early!

I’ll introduce you to OuterEdit proper after I find time to pop in to their humble retail space at 30 Niven Road (Singapore)!

Happy “♥-ing”, and have a smashin’ weekend!

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